An Open Letter from Medical Alley

May 29  

May 29, 2020 

In Medical Alley, we spend every day trying to save lives. This week, fellow Minnesotan George Floyd lost his in a tragic and unexplainable manner that is heartbreaking. 

As a community, we expect and demand justice. As a community, we pray for peace and hope that we will not see the further loss of innocent life. As a community, we need to change. We can be so much better than the sum of this week’s events. The leaders of Medical Alley commit to modeling the change we need. 

We do not pretend to have all the answers. Like the pursuit of health, we know that our culture and conduct, individually and collectively, makes for complex challenges and difficult solutions. But we do know that this should never have been George Floyd’s fate. We know that additional lives threatened is not our solution. We know that we need to have some open and honest conversations that lead to real change in how we define our community and care for one another. 

Just as we have come together to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, so we can come together to finally make real progress on eliminating the unnecessary divides in our community. These divides keep us from living up to the standards that we adamantly profess as Minnesota values. 

Inequities are very real in Minnesota. As healthcare professionals, we are in every community and see these inequities and disparities firsthand. We go to work every day, trying to improve the health and save the lives of all Minnesotans and everyone in need around the world. We must work together to resolve these inequities and disparities. 

Let us pledge to not let George Floyd’s death become another tragic footnote, but rather the time that Minnesotans made the commitment to change the way we see our world. 

Medical Alley has always been the world’s leader in health technology and care. Let us harness this innovation, compassion, and humanity to move our community forward. 


Shaye Mandle 

President & CEO 

The Medical Alley Association 

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