Up & Running with Noleus Technologies’ Dr. Swarna Balasubramaniam of gBETA Medtech

October 15  

gener8tor, a nationally ranked accelerator program, has partnered with Boston Scientific to launch a healthcare-focused program in Medical Alley with additional support from the University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic. Their first cohort wrapped up in June and the second cohort was announced in July.

Over the next few weeks, we will profile the second cohort of companies.

What does Noleus Technologies do?

Noleus designs and develops a disposable device that mitigates postoperative bowel swelling to accelerate patient recovery after abdominal surgery.

What difference does this make for patients?

Noleus will provide better patient care by addressing 1) faster bowel recovery, which means patients will be able to eat and drink sooner, and 2) earlier hospital discharge, thereby reducing the risk of hospital-acquired conditions.

What motivated you to take on this issue?

I have been frustrated by the problem of postoperative ileus (slow recovery of intestinal function) over the 20 years I have practiced as a colorectal surgeon. It leads to longer hospital stays and poorer outcomes. Recent developments have led to the understanding that the lack of bowel function is due to swelling. The opportunity to change the way we care for patients after abdominal surgery and improve outcomes is irresistible, and it drove me to develop this from an idea to early-stage start-up over 18 months.

What did you do before starting this company

I am a practicing board-certified colon & rectal surgeon with over 20 years of experience trained at the Mayo Clinic and the University of Southern California. I manage my own practice in addition to previously working in several other settings and am well versed in the business aspects of medicine in addition to clinical practice.

How can the Medical Alley community best support your work?

Medical Alley provides the right culture and ecosystem to bring together renowned clinicians and medical device experts to develop Noleus, a first-of-its-kind device.

And finally, Why participate in gBETA?

By partnering with gBETA, we develop a customized growth strategy for Noleus to ensure we deliver value efficiently and effectively to our customers. The program has an amazing network of experienced mentors that are essential in guiding and building Noleus.

About gBETA Medtech

gBETA Medtech is a free, seven-week accelerator that works with medical device, healthcare-related software, biotech and diagnostics startups. Part of gener8tor, a nationally ranked accelerator program, gBETA Medtech is in partnership with Boston Scientific and supported by the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota. For more information visit https://www.gbetamedtech.com/

To learn more about Noleus Technologies visit Website: www.noleustechnologies.com 

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