For The Record with Mark Walinske of Revo Health

October 1  

Revo Health is a new business from Twin Cities Orthopedics and their Chief Growth Officer, Healthcare entrepreneur and executive, Mark Walinske, will participate in a panel on value-based care with Dr. Michael Tarnoff of Medtronic, during the November 6th, 2018 Leading the Conversation: Value Based Care event from Medical Alley Association.

Medical Alley Association conducted a short interview with Mr. Walinske to get his perspectives on value-based care. You can register for the upcoming event to hear more from Mark, as well as share your perspective the future of healthcare.

Mark Walinske has over 34 years of early-stage entrepreneurial experience with 15 years being in healthcare.  Mr. Walinske has always had a deep passion for advancing organizations and technologies to reverse the rising costs in healthcare.  Prior to joining Revo Health, an organization focused on enabling value-based care, he was an executive at Optum in the Innovation R&D organization.  In addition to having been the CEO of three organizations, and co-founder of a successful healthcare non-profit, he has consulted to or been on the board of over two dozen Twin Cities-based healthcare start-up companies.  Mark’s interest in tackling complex healthcare problems is matched only by his passion for fly fishing.

This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

Would you describe Revo’s business? 

Enabling medical specialties, specifically independent practices, to deliver value-based care solutions to their stakeholders.

Will the future of healthcare be most significantly defined by reigning in costs or accelerating outcomes? 

Costs and outcomes are inseparable (symbiotic) – mandatory transparency around both is an imperative.

What is the definition of value in healthcare today and what should it be?  

Value in healthcare today, is at best, vague.  Value in healthcare should be “individual outcomes achieved per dollar spent”.

What’s the biggest “blind spot” in healthcare today? 

The belief that cost-avoidance is synonymous with cost-reduction.

What’s your company’s or sector’s biggest “blind spot?” 

The belief that value-based care will be sufficiently defined by someone else.

Why is a presence in Medical Alley critical to your company?

Medical Alley is an effective venue to catalyze industry/stakeholder dialog around imperative topics that need to move beyond rhetoric.

What is the one thing, other than time or money, you wish you had more of? 

Brave employees willing to be the “verb” in healthcare reform.

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