4 Unique Member Benefits You May Not Be Taking Advantage Of

June 20  

Medical Alley Association members know us for industry news and insights, strong public policy leadership, and making connections across the sector. These are all roles we fill, and they are at the core of what we provide to members every day, but did you know that membership can save you money? Or that being a member may help you find your next acquisition?

Here are four unique member benefits you could easily miss.

1. Deal flow for corporate development, investment, and partnership

Members share information about their investment and corporate development focuses with us, and we help them find the partners to help them reach their goals. We build close relationships with startups, tech transfer offices, and international organizations to expand your reach. As a result, we have facilitated the creation of joint ventures, investment relationships, and even acquisitions!

2. Help with growing your company’s physical footprint and headcount

Partnering with Greater MSP, the Destination Medical Center in Rochester, and state and local governments, Medical Alley Association is here to help your company grow. We can help with site selection, incentives, hiring, and connections to specialized advisors like commercial real estate and talent recruitment. After an expansion, we love to publicize your success – raising awareness of your company in a tight job market.

3. Access to global markets

Medical Alley’s reach is global and so is your Association’s. Thanks to our strong partnerships with organizations like the Minnesota Trade Office and US Commercial Service, you can get help with logistical issues like market research and distributor searches. And our counterpart associations in dozens of countries can assist in finding talent, specialized suppliers, partners, and other resources as your footprint expands overseas.

4. Cost savings that can exceed 20 times your membership dues

Since 2005 we, in partnership with 43 other associations, have managed a purchasing consortium to save members money. During that time, total volume has grown to $500 million per year and savings averaging $30,000 per member. Suppliers include providers of lab supplies, shipping services, clean room products, insurance, and office goods.


Your support of Medical Alley Association makes these and other benefits possible. If you would like to learn more visit https://medicalalley.org/value-proposition/ and then contact Medical Alley Association staff.

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