Up & Running with Meghan Sharkus of ExpressionMed, a gBETA Medtech Company

May 16  

gener8tor, a nationally ranked accelerator program, has partnered with Boston Scientific to launch a healthcare-focused program in Medical Alley. Over the next few weeks, we will profile the first cohort of companies.

Meghan Sharkus (CEO) was the Vice President of Community Service for Wisconsin DECA in 2016 and has since started the ExpressionMed project, winning pitch competitions throughout the country ranging from the Youth Division of the Minnesota Cup to Harvard’s International Women in Business pitch competition.

What does ExpressionMed do?

ExpressionMed creates supplemental medical adhesives that increase the longevity and comfort of wearable medical devices while adding an element of customization through design.

What difference does this make for patients?

This allows patients with diabetes to wear their expensive, disposable devices seven times longer and enables them to remove the adhesive painlessly and without leaving residue behind. The fun designs help mitigate social anxieties and allow the device to represent the wearer instead of the disease they live with.

What motivated you to take on this issue?

One of my best friends growing up has Type 1 diabetes. Therapy devices make chronic care easier, but they also bring on day-to-day challenges in functionality and appearance that no one had tried to resolve. I saw how diabetes affected my friend’s life at home and school. To her, it mattered what her device looked like, and she didn’t have a lot of options.

Why gBETA?

gBETA has proven to be the perfect resource to help us where we need help and to answer our questions with a medical focus. Additionally, the people that help us have years of experience and are people we would not have met otherwise. This program is structured to fit each individual company’s needs as they continue to grow their business. This is exactly what ExpressionMed needs at this stage.

gBETA Medtech is a free, seven-week accelerator that works with medical device, healthcare-related software, biotech and diagnostics startups. Part of gener8tor, a nationally ranked accelerator program, gBETA Medtech is in partnership with Boston Scientific and supported by the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota. For more information visit https://www.gbetamedtech.com/

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