Up & Running with Bryce Beverlin II of Quench Medical, a gBETA Medtech Company

May 30  

gener8tor, a nationally ranked accelerator program, has partnered with Boston Scientific to launch a healthcare-focused program in Medical Alley. Over the next few weeks, we will profile the first cohort of companies.

Bryce founded Quench Medical because of his own experience with childhood asthma. He continues to suffer from allergic asthma with first-hand experience of inhaler inefficiency. Bryce has over a decade of R&D experience with post-doctoral commercialization training at the Medical Devices Center and as a physics Ph.D. in a biomedical engineering lab at the University of Minnesota.

What does Quench Medical Do?

Quench Medical is developing new formulations of inhaler medications for treating lung diseases with a platform technology that provides freedom from disease that patients desire. The first indication is severe asthma, where patients suffer costly exacerbations from uncontrolled symptoms. Quench Medical was awarded a $225,000 Small Business Innovative Research grant from the National Institutes of Health in March 2018.

What difference does this make for patients?

The novel formulation and delivery method increase medication efficacy while reducing local and systemic side effects from medication not reaching its intended therapy location.

What motivated you to take on this issue?

I founded Quench Medical because of my own experience as a childhood asthmatic. I continue to suffer from allergic asthma and experience inhaler inefficiency.

Why gBETA?

I’m constantly learning from different perspectives. I trust the program team and their guidance in my networking and fundraising efforts. It takes time, trust, and perseverance to build a successful company and I believe gBETA can help in that pursuit. I also enjoy being part of our community of entrepreneurs and mentors.

gBETA Medtech is a free, seven-week accelerator that works with medical device, healthcare-related software, biotech, and diagnostics startups. Part of gener8tor, a nationally ranked accelerator program, gBETA Medtech is in partnership with Boston Scientific and supported by the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota. For more information visit https://www.gbetamedtech.com/

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