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Ōmcare Appoints Matthew Grose as CTO

Grose will lead the development of the Ōmcare Home Health Hub® to bring remote care and medication adherence into the home.

MINNEAPOLIS, June 8, 2022 — Ōmcare announced that Matthew Grose (MG) has been
appointed Chief Technology Officer of the company.

An experienced engineering leader, MG spent the last seven years at Optum of UnitedHealth
Group, most recently serving as Chief Engineer, VP Software Engineering. Before that, he
honed his software skills at LifeTime — The Healthy Way of Life Company.

“Ōmcare has proven core functionality in pilot and is ready to accelerate development of its total
solution”, said Lisa Lavin, Chief Executive Officer. “Bringing on a CTO with MG’s experience and
skills will enable Ōmcare to scale existing technologies while continuing to build innovative solutions
for the future.”

While at UnitedHealth Group, MG’s contributions raised the bar of engineering excellence
creating efficiency, scale and collaboration across business units. Notable highlights include
serving as a Distinguished Engineer, leading the digital provider platform Link used by millions
of providers a day, introducing sustainable and secure public cloud adoption and acting as Chief
Engineer for the company’s technology platforms powering 40,000 engineers and technologists.

During the pandemic, MG stepped out of his normal duties and focused on increasing accessibility to
COVID-19 vaccinations and the successful completion of CARES Act payments by leading rapid
speed cloud projects spanning multiple companies, including fast-tracking a year-long cloud scaling
plan in 5 weeks. Now, he brings both his software skills and leadership development to Ōmcare.

“I joined Ōmcare for the opportunity to create technology closer to the human experience while
playing a pivotal role in the company’s future. Ōmcare’s purpose is a natural fit to my personal
passion of improving quality of life through technology. It is exciting to imagine where home health
care will be in 5, 10, 20 years and I’m honored to be playing a part here with Ōmcare. Let’s improve
care in the home!” said MG.

Ōmcare is currently in final stages of pilot and expected to be commercial in late 2022.

About Ōmcare
Ōmcare is a digital health company pioneering a customizable home health technology
platform that extends the reach of caregivers and enables one-touch access to telehealth
services, aggregated remote patient monitoring and medication dispensing with visual
confirmation of medication adherence.

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