Cogwear Expands to St. Paul for R&D and Production of Brain Wearable 

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April 23  

 Brain technology company opens new MidWest hub focused on neurotech hardware 

St. Paul, Minnesota — April 23, 2024 — Cogwear, a Philadelphia-based brain technology company, is opening a new facility in St. Paul, Minnesota, to expand the development and production of its wearable technology, which accurately measures brain activity outside of a clinical setting. The strategic expansion will accelerate the delivery of Cogwear’s second-generation device, which is designed to deliver real-time brain insights virtually anywhere. 

The new facility in St. Paul will focus on hardware development and production of the wearable, which looks and feels like a soft athletic headband. Building on the successful launch of its first product, Cogwear plans on manufacturing tens of thousands of its next-generation product over the next 18 months. The new site will have automated manufacturing for the wearable’s proprietary sensors, which deliver clinical-grade EEG data with virtually no motion artifacts (i.e., irregularities) even when users are walking or exercising. 

Cogwear’s wearable is built on an adaptable technology platform for use in a variety of medical applications, as well as uses in several other sectors. For example, 

Cogwear is being developed for assessing and monitoring brain disorders such as anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and traumatic brain injuries like CTE. The company is pursuing FDA clearance for these and other healthcare applications. 

Current commercial partners outside of healthcare include GlassView, a global neuromarketing company that has adopted Cogwear’s technology and proprietary algorithms to measure brand affinity and optimize digital advertising. Cogwear is also partnering with Rezon, a British sports equipment company with award-winning brain protection headgear, to further measure and improve athlete safety and performance. 

The selection of St. Paul for Cogwear’s new location was driven by the company’s existing employee base, access to a talented regional workforce, and the area’s strong connections to the medical device industry. Cogwear plans on recruiting manufacturing, mechanical, and electrical engineers at its new location as it grows in both St. Paul and Philadelphia. 

“We are excited to expand our company with this facility in St. Paul, a region known for its outstanding people and expertise in the medical device industry. This new hub reflects our commitment to making the best wearable EEG technology and our dedication to improving human health, peace, and performance through better brain insights,” said Cogwear CEO David Yonce. 

About Cogwear 

Cogwear is a brain technology company that improves health, peace, and performance through comfortable, wearable technology for better brain insights. The Philadelphia-based start-up has developed a platform solution with AI-powered algorithms, giving people on-demand access to their own clinical-grade cognitive and emotional data in real-time in virtually any setting. Pioneered in collaboration with neuroscience experts from the University of Pennsylvania and supported by the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health, Cogwear’s proprietary dry electroencephalography (EEG) sensors comfortably and accurately measure, interpret, and report electrical brain activity through a secure app and shareable dashboard. Cogwear has a positive impact on society by supporting brain health, boosting performance, and driving better decisions. 

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