2017 Annual Dinner Wrap-Up: Bringing Medical Alley Together

May 20  

On April 27th, 650 Medical Alley members met for MAA’s premier annual gathering. The Annual Dinner is an opportunity to reconnect with the colleagues and industry leaders that make Medical Alley the global epicenter of health technology and care. Members were able to celebrate Medical Alley’s leadership, innovation and impact on improving and saving lives.

We delivered insights into the current state of Medical Alley, outlined projections for 2017 and provided great content and comradery. Medical Alley IS powering the evolution of healthcare.

Last year’s featured speaker was Mike Guyette, who sat down with Medical Alley President & CEO Shaye Mandle for a “Fireside Chat.”

Over 550 Medical Alley Association members attended the Annual Dinner in 2016, and 650 members attended in 2017.

Photos taken by Gamut One Studios











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