VIEBEG Medical and Binary Bridge Announce Integration Partnership Optimizing Clinic
Management by Connecting Clinic Operations and Medical Supplies Stock Management

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July 18  

VIEBEG Medical, a venture-backed medical supplies procurement company headquartered in Rwanda, and Binary  Bridge, a provider of offline/online electronic medical records, today announced a partnership between the two  companies to streamline clinic operations and optimize medical supplies procurement in order to make high quality healthcare more accessible and affordable in Africa. 

The data integration between BackpackEMR, Binary Bridge’s electronic medical records, and Vieprocure, VIEBEG’s  medical supplies procurement platform, ensures medical supplies and medications will always be in stock in local  health centers, and allows VIEBEG to provide supplies on credit or loans for additional clinic resources using data driven practices. 

Accessibility and affordability are still the biggest challenge to healthcare delivery in Africa with broken supply  chains, financial constraints and poor stock management. VIEBEG’s data-driven logistics platform connects health  administrators directly to manufacturers which reduces costs, and forecasts quantities of medical supplies needed  to treat patients, improving the quality of care. 

“VIEBEG’s ability to quickly scale their medical supplies offering across Rwanda shows their incredible potential for  impact in Africa. We are excited to join VIEBEG’s efforts in providing clinic usage data from BackpackEMR to help  support their algorithms to forecast procurement needs that keep each clinic in full stock of life-saving medical  supplies.” – Lori Most, Founder and CEO of Binary Bridge, SBC. 

Additionally health centers struggle to implement digital health tools that help lower costs by increasing clinic  efficiencies, improving access with digital connections between providers, and that can better predict the usage of  medical supplies due to inconsistent access to the internet or electricity. The ability for BackpackEMR to run a  clinic when the power is out or internet is down will increase accessibility to patient health records, and improve  overall care to African populations. 

“BackpackEMR’s high-tech, low-cost system will further empower local health centers to provide high-quality care,  and our integration provides VIEBEG with critical data to better manage stocks in health centers and within our  distribution centers.” –Tobias Reiter, Co-Founder and CEO of VIEBEG Medical. The integration of BackpackEMR with Vieprocure will be ready to implement within health centers in late 2022. For  more information, contact [email protected] or [email protected].

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