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Shawn Wagoner

Bind Brings Health Care Cost Certainty, Savings to More Ohio Employers and Employees with its Fully-Insured Offering

MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bind Benefits, Inc. announced today that its personalized health plan will be offered on a fully-insured basis to Ohio employers with more than 50 employees. With Bind, employers have the opportunity to lower health care costs while giving their employees a rich benefit with a wide network and more health care decision-making power. Ohio ranked […]

Do Your Health Benefits Actually Benefit?

We’ve all seen the reports. Health care costs are expected to rise again. Mercer predicts an increase of 4.4% in 2021, but notes that we must keep in mind the many unknowns facing employer plan sponsors next year, such as COVID-related costs (potentially including vaccines) and delayed or cancelled care. It’s time to control what […]

Medical Alley is Leading the Conversation on Price Transparency

How important is it to know the price of something you already know you can’t afford? What is the value of something you don’t need? Do the price-signaling mechanisms that tell you Ferraris are nice cars apply to knee replacement surgery? November’s Leading the Conversation event started with one question – Does price transparency matter? […]

For The Record with Shawn Wagoner, Bind On-Demand Health Insurance

Shawn Wagoner was on the founding team and leads the Corporate Development, Networks and Sales Teams at Bind On-Demand Health Insurance. Previously Shawn led care coordination company Proximare Health and served on the management team of value based care company Carol Corporation (acquired by Optum). His experience from start-up to Fortune 100 in the insurance […]

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