Spinnaker Life Sciences Strategy Consulting Emerges as a Leader Through Merger of Red Team Associates, Brooks Hill Partners, and Solstice Strategy Group

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February 27  

Consultancy helps life sciences companies maximize the value of their products and pipeline 

BOSTON, February 27, 2024 — Brooks Hill Partners, Red Team Associates, and Solstice Strategy Group have joined forces to form Spinnaker Life Sciences Strategy Consulting with offices located in Boston and Minneapolis. The merger marks a strategic alliance that combines the strengths, expertise, and innovative approaches of three industry leaders to help pharmaceutical, biotech, and med tech companies navigate smarter strategies during the current challenging capital and commercialization life sciences environment. 

About Spinnaker Life Sciences Strategy Consulting 

Spinnaker Life Sciences Strategy Consulting partners with pharmaceutical, biotech, and med tech companies to support corporate and product strategy development and tactical execution to achieve the desired product development goals. Spinnaker’s founders have supported nine of the top 15 global pharmaceutical companies and work with many smaller to mid-size life sciences companies. Together, the team has developed over 125 life sciences products across 50 therapeutic areas in the United States and helped companies raise over $200M in outside capital in the last three years.  

Key Highlights of the Merger

Expertise Amplified: The merger unites the diverse and specialized expertise of Red Team Associates, Brooks Hill Partners, and Solstice Strategy Group, creating a powerhouse with an extensive experience and knowledge base combined with a deep understanding of the complexities of the life sciences industry. 

Client-Centric Approach: With a strong focus on client success, Spinnaker provides tailored corporate strategies, portfolio strategies, and product strategies that enhance business outcomes and drive sustainable growth within a life sciences companies’ timeframes and budget. 

Innovation at its Core: Spinnaker is committed to fostering innovation in life sciences strategy. Spinnaker brings forth a collective vision for pioneering data-driven solutions and connects strategy to execution to address unique industry challenges. Spinnaker ensures life sciences companies can deliver innovative life-changing treatments that better the lives of patients.  

“The formation of Spinnaker Life Sciences Strategy Consulting is a testament to our shared commitment to life sciences excellence and innovation,” said Dane Callow, Managing Partner at Spinnaker Life Sciences Strategy Consulting.  

“By combining the strengths of Red Team Associates, Brooks Hill Partners, and Solstice Strategy Group, Spinnaker is poised to deliver unparalleled value to our clients and drive positive change,” said Jeremy Cohen, Managing Partner at Spinnaker Life Sciences Strategy Consulting. 

Bringing new therapies to market is increasingly challenging. Optimally monetizing product and licensing opportunities amidst the current scientific renaissance and integrating new technologies such as AI present significant opportunities for life sciences companies. Furthermore, these must be evaluated against challenges like the Inflation Reduction Act and increased costs for product approval and launch. Spinnaker Life Sciences Strategy Consulting offers expertise in accelerating corporate growth, optimizing product portfolios, maximizing revenues, and assessing non-organic growth opportunities. 

Harris Kaplan, Managing Partner of Spinnaker Life Sciences Strategy Consulting, commented, “We are excited to embark on this journey with our esteemed partners, leveraging our combined expertise to deliver impactful solutions and drive meaningful outcomes for our clients.” 

Building on a legacy of past performance, Spinnaker Life Sciences Strategy Consulting is committed to delivering exceptional value and insights to help pharmaceutical, biotech, and med tech companies optimize their resources, continue at the forefront of innovation, and navigate successfully in these tumultuous times.  

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About Spinnaker Life Sciences Strategy Consulting

Spinnaker Life Sciences Strategy Consulting is a leading strategic consultancy formed through the merger of Red Team Associates, Brooks Hill Partners, and Solstice Strategy Group. With a mission to drive innovation and excellence in the life sciences industry, Spinnaker provides tailored strategies and solutions to empower clients to navigate the complexities of the evolving landscape. Learn more at www.spinnakerLS.com. 

About Brooks Hill Partners

Brooks Hill Partners is a life sciences consulting and early-stage health tech venture capital firm partnering with passionate companies and entrepreneurs, bridging the gap between expertise and innovation across the life sciences arena. 

About Solstice Strategy Group

Solstice Strategy Group is a boutique consultancy specializing in life sciences and healthcare strategy, delivering evidence-based insights, and fostering growth by helping clients connect strategy to execution. 

About Red Team Associates

Red Team Associates is a life sciences commercial strategy consulting company established in 2011, providing comprehensive commercial and marketing strategies for life sciences products. 

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