Revolutionary Med Tech Product Launched with Expert Marketing Communications Support From Introworks

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August 21  

[MINNEAPOLIS, MN, AUGUST 21, 2023] Introworks, a leading marketing communications agency, partnered with HistoSonics, Inc. to successfully launch an unprecedented medical technology that is predicted to revolutionize the treatment of abnormal cell growth. The collaboration leveraged Introworks’s expertise in strategic messaging, storytelling and the med-tech industry to ensure this groundbreaking innovation receives the attention it deserves.

HistoSonics® is poised to change patient care and treatment modalities with their proprietary sensing histotripsy technology. They use an image-guided sonic beam therapy system using advanced imaging and sensors to deliver non-invasive, personalized treatments to abnormal cell growth with precision and control. 

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work closely with HistoSonics in launching this new extraordinary medical technology,” said Bob Freytag, CEO of Introworks. “Our team understands the unique challenges medical start-ups face and are deeply committed to crafting powerful narratives that resonate and drive meaningful engagement. This product is especially rewarding because it allows us to directly contribute in some way to advancing healthcare for the better.”

The marketing communications support executed by Introworks included the overarching product strategic narrative story and supporting collateral such as animations, website, and print pieces as well as staffing support in the form of a Fractional Launch Navigator. 

“Choosing Introworks as our agency to uncover our strategic narrative was the foundational investment we needed to unite our company to our vision,” stated Josh King, VP of Marketing at HisoSonics, Inc. “Introworks’s creative approach and in-depth understanding of our company needs and the med-tech market behavior enabled us more readily reach our goals to drive adoption and growth.”

This launch opens up further avenues for patient care and treatment through HistoSonics innovative technology, further solidifying Introworks’s position as a leading partner for medical innovators seeking to enter challenging markets.

About Introworks:

Introworks is a marketing communications agency that specializes in launching, rebooting and boosting products and services that impact health, well-being and the world we live in. Medical innovators find success in their ability to simplify complex concepts and change conversations to help companies win in tough market situations.

About HistoSonics, Inc: 

HistoSonics’ image guided sonic beam therapy system uses advanced imaging and proprietary sensing technology to deliver non-invasive, personalized treatments with precision and control. The science of histotripsy uses focused sound energy to produce controlled acoustic cavitation that mechanically destroys and liquifies targeted liver tissue at sub-cellular levels. The company believes that the novel mechanism of action of their proprietary technology provides significant advantages to patients, including the ability of the treatment site to recover and resorb quickly. Uniquely, the HistoSonics’ platform also provides physicians the ability to monitor the destruction of tissue under continuous real-time visualization and control, unlike any modality that exists today.

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