Relievant Medsystems Introduces Intracept Simulator System Powered by Medability for Improved and Expanded Physician Training Opportunities

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September 21  

Advanced technology enhances Intracept Procedure training for the treatment of vertebrogenic pain

CHICAGO – IPSIS Annual Meeting – September 21, 2023 – Relievant Medsystems, a company dedicated to transforming the diagnosis and treatment of vertebrogenic low back pain, today announced the release of the Intracept® Simulator System, an advanced training platform for the Intracept® Procedure.

The Intracept Simulator System is based on Medability’s SimBone™ simulation platform, using radiation-free simulation technology to provide an immersive hands-on training experience, including virtual x-ray, computed tomography (CT) imaging, and navigation with a realistic lumbosacral spine model. The system allows a consistent and reliable learning experience using next-generation Intracept® Access Instruments and expands training opportunities for physicians.

“This technology, combined with the next-generation Intracept Access Instruments, will give physicians the confidence to adopt the Intracept Procedure and maximize its effectiveness in treating vertebrogenic pain,” said Ramana Naidu, MD, Director of Pain Management, MarinHealth Medical Center and Interventional Pain Physician and Anesthesiologist, MarinHealth Spine Institute. “Initially, I was skeptical about a spinal intervention simulator, but the fidelity and nuance of this system makes it truly feel like the real thing.”

“We are very proud of our partnership with the innovative team at Relievant Medsystems, aimed at facilitating safe and high-quality training of such an important surgical procedure,” said Dr. Patrick Wucherer, CEO and Co-Founder of Medability. “Through our collaborative and inventive efforts, we’ve developed a scalable training solution that not only bolsters Relievant Medsystems’ training capacity, but also delivers an engaging, immersive and highly mobile system.”

“We are dedicated to supporting physicians with clinical training and education to increase procedural efficiency and enable better patient outcomes,” said Tyler Binney, President and CEO of Relievant Medsystems. “The Intracept Simulator System is an important innovation that will empower more physicians to provide their patients with vertebrogenic pain relief.”

The Intracept Procedure is a minimally invasive, long-lasting treatment for individuals suffering from chronic vertebrogenic low back pain. It is a same-day, outpatient procedure that uses targeted radiofrequency energy to stop the basivertebral nerve (BVN) from transmitting pain signals to the brain and takes approximately one hour to perform.

For more information about the Intracept Procedure, visit:


About Vertebrogenic Pain

Of the 30 million people in the U.S. with chronic low back pain, 1 in 6 are likely to have vertebrogenic pain, a distinct type of chronic low back pain caused by damage to vertebral endplates, the interface between the disc and the vertebral body. Patients typically have pain in the middle of their low back, which worsens when they bend over, sit for long periods of time, or when they are active. A physician can confirm a patient’s pain is vertebrogenic by observing Modic changes, a biomarker seen on standard MRI that indicates inflammation at the vertebral endplate.

About Relievant Medsystems
Relievant Medsystems is a commercial-stage medical device company transforming the diagnosis and treatment of vertebrogenic pain, a form of Chronic Low Back Pain (CLBP), with the Intracept Procedure – a novel, clinically proven and commercially available treatment designed to improve the quality of life for millions of indicated patients. For more information about Relievant Medsystems and the Intracept Procedure, visit     

About Medability

Medability is a provider of customized high-fidelity mixed reality simulators enabling guided teaching and hands-on training of minimally invasive therapeutic and diagnostic interventions in orthopedics, spine surgery and neurosurgery. The SimBone™ simulation platform is an innovative tech-enabled training and sales tool. It provides medical device companies and training institutions with a simple, fast and affordable solution for high-quality, hands-on training without the need of cadavers and medical imaging devices. Leveraging deep training expertise, integrated high-end technology, built-in assessment and data analytics, the SimBone™ lets you educate faster at lower costs and facilitates reach and engagement to learn. Find out more about the revolutionary SimBone™ simulation platform:

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