Provation Publishes COVID-19 Response Plan

March 20  

Producing Proactive Pandemic Processes & Policies:

Medical Alley partner, Provation, is dedicated to helping medical professionals beat COVID-19 (coronavirus) while also maintaining a safe and functional working environment for its employees, customers and vendors during this pandemic. This Twin Cities-based clinical productivity and procedure documentation software company continues to strive to keep the customer’s focus on their patients. While Provation has always had business continuity and crisis protocols in place over its 25-year history, the company has implemented additional measures to enhance its capabilities during this unprecedented global health crisis.

Supporting All Healthcare Professionals in the COVID-19 Fight:

To proactively address the rapidly evolving challenges created by coronavirus, Provation has developed new content for its Provation Order Set and Care Plans software specifically for COVID-19. The order set and care plan are based on the latest evidence and best practices established to treat COVID-19. Provation is now providing these PDFs, available here, for free to all healthcare professionals, and not just customers, to help serve the broader healthcare community.  We’ll be updating and maintaining these PDFs as evidence changes.

Note: This Coronavirus (COVID-19) Order Set and Care Plan are for initial evaluation and management only. COVID-19 pneumonia can be complicated by Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), sepsis, ICU admission, ventilator management and, of course, a multitude of issues including multi-organ failure and death.

Provation’s Company-Wide Response:

To help flatten the curve of COVID-19, all Provation employees at its Minneapolis and New York offices, as well as remote employees are now temporarily telecommuting while still maintaining their workflow. To streamline this temporary transition, all employees were given the necessary equipment such as laptops to work remotely. Additionally, the Provation IT staff immediately upgraded technological infrastructure to enable all employees to telecommute. While following CDC, WHO and state health department guidelines, Provation quickly created a COVID-19 Taskforce to help develop a strategy to maintain business continuity, customer support, IT needs and employee safety. Over the course of just a few days, these strategies were implemented. Resources were successfully created to expand internal and external communication resources such as an employee text alert system and customer relations messaging. An intranet page dedicated to the company’s response to COVID-19 now gives real-time information about federal, local and company actions to counter this pandemic. Information on COVID-19, health & safety guidelines, details about available employee assistance programs, instructions on social distancing and technical “how-to” guides are also available on this intranet site. On Tuesday, March 20th, 2020, Provation CEO Daniel Hamburger hosted a virtual company-wide townhall meeting to share information, address questions, concerns and provide employee crowd-sourced tips on effective ways to work remotely.

Business Continuity In-Action:

All of those efforts are to maintain Provation’s dedication to its customers, and that is why leadership assigned additional resources to serve its customers and maintain business workflow. In addition to providing a Provation Order Set and Care Plan for COVID-19 to all healthcare professionals, enhanced resources are also in place to support customers. Customer support, product implementation and training are expanding virtual resources to meet mandated essential personnel-only restrictions at healthcare facilities. Provation assigned additional customer support staff to expedite call volumes and to help reduce distractions for healthcare professionals. Provation immediately notified its customers through email and the company’s digital platforms of its business continuity plan created by Provation’s COVID-19 Taskforce and company leadership. Provation quickly created a new webpage dedicated to COVID-19 customer communications. Additionally, once Provation leadership decided to begin company-wide telecommuting, an additional customer notification was sent out to inform customers of this precautionary move. Provation will continue to put its customers, employees and vendors first—in times of crisis and in everyday operations.  


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