OneStep Study Finds Physical Therapists Desire Remote Work Flexibility

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January 19  

Digital health solutions have the potential to increase physical therapists’ job satisfaction and promote a healthy work-life balance

New York, NY – January 19, 2023 — OneStep, an innovative platform for digital physical therapy using pioneering science that turns any smartphone into a clinical-grade motion analysis lab, announced today the release of a new study, “Physical Therapists Want Flexibility and Digital Health Solutions Hold the Key.” This study looks at the factors driving physical therapists (PTs) and physical therapist assistants (PTAs) toward remote work and the benefits of increasing education about digital health technology and its applications within the industry. The study found that 57% of respondents are dissatisfied with the rigid schedules and lack of flexibility in their careers, and 49% described themselves as feeling burned out in their current roles.

The pandemic introduced the world to the benefits of health technology and remote work – even regarding industries known for being traditionally hands-on, such as healthcare, which has been facing an increasing crisis of burnout among employees and thus staffing shortages. Organizations utilizing digital tools and remote work options have seen sharp upticks in application volume for available positions, whereas some traditional in-person clinics are struggling to fill positions for months on end. In the physical therapy space, digital health offers the ability for greater insight into a patient’s current condition and progress, while providing clinicians and patients with greater scheduling flexibility. It also provides convenient touchpoints for PT and patient check-ins, strengthening the therapeutic alliance which has been shown to increase patient satisfaction and engagement in their plan of care. 

The study surveyed over 200 PTs and PTAs in November 2022 on topics ranging from their current career satisfaction to their feelings on the use of digital versus traditional health tools. 

Additional key findings include: 

  • 67% report that seeing patients reach their goals brings them satisfaction 
  • 59% are applying to virtual/telehealth positions 
  • 56% are searching for non-clinical positions 
  • 55% are excited and ready to implement digital tools, while 32% are interested but hesitant
  • Of those currently using some digital health tools, 44% reported increased flexibility and work-life balance as clinicians

“Physical therapy is in the midst of a digital transformation, and technology is improving clinical decision making, providing heightened patient insight and objective measurements of patient progress so clinicians can see the impact of their interventions in real-time while also gaining greater career satisfaction,” said Alaina Victoria, PT, DPT, Clinical Content Manager at OneStep, “Digital physical therapy allows therapists to focus on doing what they love – helping people move better, and making a difference in their lives.” 

The full study can be found here: 

About OneStep

OneStep uses smartphone motion sensors to continuously analyze movement in real-life conditions, providing clinically-validated gait and motion analysis data within seconds without any wearables. ​Our FDA-listed digital health platform equips clinicians with a full suite of remote PT protocols and tools that support remote therapeutic monitoring and enable clinicians to enhance decision-making, intervene proactively, and help their patients reach their goals faster – by assessing health status sooner, more holistically, and from anywhere. We serve patients and physical therapists, as well as leading physical therapy providers, surgeon-owned clinics, orthotists and prosthetists, and medical device manufacturers. OneStep has demonstrated outstanding clinical outcomes and superior patient satisfaction while improving provider efficiencies, increasing revenue, and lowering costs.

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