NeuroOne® Announces U.S. Commercial Launch of Evo® sEEG Electrodes

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May 2  

Evo sEEGs complementary to Zimmer Biomet’s robotic neurosurgery platform; strong market opportunity for paired technologies

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., May 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NeuroOne Medical Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: NMTC) (“NeuroOne” or the “Company”), a medical technology company focused on improving surgical care options and outcomes for patients suffering from neurological disorders, today announced the commercial launch of the Evo® sEEG electrode product line in the United States. Zimmer Biomet holds exclusive worldwide distribution rights to NeuroOne’s Evo Cortical and sEEG product lines, and the Evo product line is expected to utilize Zimmer Biomet’s ROSA One® Brain, a robotic platform that assists surgeons in planning and performing complex minimally invasive neurosurgical procedures.

Dave Rosa, CEO of NeuroOne, commented, “The commercial launch of the Evo sEEG platform represents one of the most impactful milestones in our Company’s history. Paired with Zimmer Biomet’s ROSA One Brain robotic platform and broad distribution network, we believe the Company is well positioned in the market given the synergies that exist between our novel thin film electrode platform and Zimmer Biomet’s robotic platform. Importantly, this new technology potentially provides NeuroOne with a steady and predictable new revenue stream. We expect to complete our initial case within the next 30 days.”

NeuroOne provides a full line of electrode technology to address an estimated U.S. market of $100 million for patients requiring diagnostic brain mapping procedures. Epilepsy mapping procedures primarily utilize sEEG electrodes due to their less invasive insertion procedure, but less than 5% of people with drug-resistant epilepsy who are surgical candidates receive diagnostic procedures using sEEGs. NeuroOne believes there is a significant opportunity to expand market adoption of sEEG technology with broad U.S. distribution of its Evo product line.

NeuroOne’s Evo sEEG electrode technology offers stereoelectroencephalography recording, brain stimulation and future capabilities for spinal cord stimulation, and ablation solutions targeted for patients suffering from epilepsy, chronic back pain, and Parkinson’s disease. The Evo® sEEG is the Company’s most advanced diagnostic electrode designed to be secure, precise, and less invasive, with proven placement accuracy and signal quality, and made in a mostly automated manufacturing process.

In October 2022, NeuroOne received FDA clearance to market its Evo sEEG electrode technology for temporary (less than 30 days) use with recording, monitoring, and stimulation equipment for the recording, monitoring, and stimulation of electrical signals at the subsurface level of the brain.

About NeuroOne

NeuroOne Medical Technologies Corporation is a developmental stage company committed to providing minimally invasive and hi-definition solutions for EEG recording, brain stimulation and ablation solutions for patients suffering from epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, essential tremors, chronic pain due to failed back surgeries and other related neurological disorders that may improve patient outcomes and reduce procedural costs. The Company may also pursue applications for other areas such as depression, mood disorders, pain, incontinence, high blood pressure, and artificial intelligence. For more information, visit

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