Midwest Interventional Systems Launches Online Medical Component Store

January 31  

Midwest Interventional Systems is happy to announce the launch of our online component store,

This exciting step for MIS comes as a part of a broader approach to increase our technologies and
capabilities with an end goal of producing industry leading medical devices in months, not years.
We understand the importance of rapid prototyping and by bringing extrusion and balloon
manufacturing capabilities in-house, we are able to accelerate the design and development process
for our own clients, and yours.

Our online component store features a wide selection of medical extrusions (medical tubing) and
medical balloons, in a range of sizes and materials to meet your device needs. We offer
$50 min orders and 24-hour shipping so that you can surpass your critical milestones and bring your
devices to market faster.

But we’re not stopping at extrusions and balloons… Stay tuned as we continue to release new
product sizes and materials, as well as add steerable catheter assemblies to our online shop.

Let MIS be your rapid iteration partner, check out our online medical component store now.

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