Membership Dues Changes for 2017

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January 5  

Medical Alley Association Members – Thank you for your continued support and engagement! With a record number of new companies joining the Medical Alley Association, we are excited for 2017!

This year, MAA will be transitioning the timing of our annual memberships. Due to upcoming changes in financial accounting standards and an opportunity to serve you with greater efficiency, we’ll be executing this transition throughout 2017, such that annual membership in 2018 will be consistent with the calendar and tax year.

Our goal is to ensure that this transition does not negatively impact any of our members. After talking with our Board of Directors and many members, we are implementing the following plan:

  1. We will be sending 2017 invoices to all members by April 1st.
  2. Members will receive two options for 2017 membership renewal:
    • A pro-rated total for the remainder of 2017 from the member’s annual renewal date; or
    • A pro-rated 2017 total PLUS the full 2018 dues at the 2017 level.

We are anticipating some changes and restructuring of the MAA dues categories and pricing for 2018, but have not yet finalized those schedules.  We appreciate your patience and commitment as we make this shift. Thank you for your Membership!

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