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May 14  

CareSMS launches CareSpeak, an AI voice assistant for Telehealth Providers that transcribes entire Telehealth encounters, automates SOAP note documentation, and enables real-time translation across 100+ languages. Now available on the Athenahealth Marketplace. 

May 14, 2024, Chicago, IL — CareSMS, a digital health company providing solutions to Home-Based and Telehealth Care Providers to reduce manual labor and enable high-quality care for aging and diverse patient populations, today announced the launch of CareSpeak. This innovative AI assistant seamlessly integrates into athenahealth’s EHR platform to transform the Telehealth experience for providers and patients alike. 

“With an increasingly mobile and multilingual society, ensuring accessible and personalized care is more crucial than ever,” said Arjun Srivastava, Co-Founder at CareSMS. “CareSpeak harnesses industry-leading LLMs to break down communication barriers, automate documentation, and empower providers to focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional patient care.” 

CareSpeak introduces a suite of powerful capabilities: 

AI Scribe for Telehealth: Automatically transcribes encounters at >95% accuracy, eliminating manual note-taking 

Real-Time Translation: Bi-directional translation across 100+ languages displayed during Telehealth calls 

Transcript Review & Automatic SOAP Note Generation: Modify transcripts and instantly generate patient notes 

Text-to-Speech & Chat: Audio playback and secure in-call messaging in preferred languages 

Embedded Athena App: Seamless integration into existing athenahealth EHR workflows

HIPAA Compliance & Security: Encrypted, HIPAA-compliant processing of protected health information 

Usage Tracking: Dedicated portal with call reporting and transparent usage-based pricing 

The benefits of CareSpeak span cost savings, boosted staff productivity, accessibility improvements for diverse populations, and the ability to serve additional communities without human translators. 

“CareSpeak represents a giant leap in our mission to create frictionless experiences that place patient needs first,” continued Arjun Srivastava. “We’ve re-imagined how technology can dissolve language barriers and administrative burdens, allowing providers to focus on personal, empathetic care. We’re looking forward to continued product enhancements to make our Telehealth customers and their patient’s lives easier.” 

CareSpeak is currently available to Telehealth Providers via the athenahealth Marketplace, with affordable usage-based pricing. The solution can be integrated to serve users on other EHR and Telehealth platforms upon request. Explore how your practice can benefit from CareSpeak by getting in touch at

About CareSMS 

CareSMS is a pioneering digital health company based in Chicago dedicated to delivering intelligent solutions that empower Home-Based Care and Telehealth Providers. In late 2023, the company launched its groundbreaking Intelligent Scheduling Platform for Home-Based Care Providers with initial customers. Building on that success, CareSMS has now introduced CareSpeak, its trailblazing AI Assistant for Telehealth, which has already deployed with multiple customers. This innovation has been accelerated by pre-seed investment funding from the prestigious Slauson & Co. accelerator in 2024. As it continues to revolutionize healthcare with its cutting-edge offerings, CareSMS is forging strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as athenahealth, Medical Alley, and more. With an unwavering commitment to transforming care delivery, CareSMS is paving the way for a future where intelligent technologies elevate the quality of patient experiences at-home and virtually.

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