Medical Alley Starts
A Medical Alley Association initiative to lower the cost of starting, scaling, and pivoting new ventures in The Global Epicenter of Health Innovation and Care®.
Medical Alley is home to the biggest names in healthcare: Medtronic, Boston Scientific, UnitedHealth Group, the Mayo Clinic, and many more.

The region is also home to the hottest new names in healthcare: Bright Health, Bind Benefits, Histosonics, Zipnosis, and hundreds of other innovative companies.

Medical Alley’s early-stage companies have raised more than four billion dollars over the last five years, and billions more have flowed from dozens of mergers and acquisitions.

Medical Alley is where healthcare happens, and where entrepreneurs bring healthcare technology from ideation to implementation.

To enhance our early-stage community, The Medical Alley Association (MAA) has launched Medical Alley Starts, a focused initiative and suite of services targeted at the acceleration of healthcare start-up formation and growth in Minnesota’s Medical Alley, The Global Epicenter of Health Innovation and Care®.
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Built by Entrepreneurs,
For Entrepreneurs
Medical Alley Starts is advised by an elite group of successful entrepreneurs.
Morgan Evans
Managing Director, Highland Circle Innovations
Joe Connolly
CEO, Visana Health
Jodi Hubler
Board Chair/Director, Investor, Entrepreneur
Lee Jones
Founder & CEO, Rebiotix
James Kent
CEO, Amplio Rx
Kyle Rolfing
Co-Founder, Bright Health
Nicole Walker
Managing Partner, Arboretum Ventures
Pam York
Founding General Partner, Managing Director, Capita3
Startup Services Partners
Kevin Hogan
Chief Executive Officer, Diversified Plastics, Inc.
Keith Schoolcraft
Chief Executive Guru, a COUPLE of GURUS
A Global Investor & Corporate Partner Network: Connecting Medical Alley start-ups to investors and corporate leaders from around the world.
A Global Referral Network: Rapid access to critical resources such as suppliers, consultants, and talent.
The Global Epicenter Campaign: Connection to MAA’s national branding campaign to position Medical Alley as The Global Epicenter of Health Innovation and Care®.
a COUPLE of GURUS is offering services that could be worth as much as $18,000 to qualified healthcare startups.
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Diversified Plastics Inc.
Diversified Plastics is offering grants of up to $7,500 to qualified medical device startups.
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We make finding deal flow for your investment and corporate development interests easy.
Medical Alley Starts engages with 300+ ventures each year. We provide no-cost eyes and ears in the top healthcare ecosystem globally and will refer high-quality deal flow, connect with other investors for syndication discussions, and help you find strategic advisors to support diligence operations. Additionally, we work with dozens of corporate development teams from the largest healthcare companies in the world to scout for acquisitions, distribution opportunities, and other partnerships.
Get to know the Innovators in Medical Alley
Medical Alley Association is the source for the latest news and research around healthcare in Minnesota, as well as interviews with the leaders who make our region the Global Epicenter of Health Innovation and Care®.
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Founded in 1984, the Medical Alley Association supports and advances the global leadership of Medical Alley’s healthcare industry, and its connectivity around the world. MAA delivers the collective influence, intelligence and interactions that support Medical Alley.
We champion and facilitate an environment that enables health technology and care organizations to innovate, succeed and influence the evolution of healthcare.
We will elevate Medical Alley as The Global Epicenter of Health Innovation and Care®.