Medical Alley Map Mounting Instructions

Acrylic Frame Mounting Instructions

1.  Unscrew and remove aluminum hardware from assembled frame

2.  Use the back panel as a template to drill six ¼” holes

3.  Insert hollow-wall anchors

4.  Screw standoff “barrels” into wall

5.  Remove protective paper coating from back panel

6.  Hand-tighten screw caps to secure both panels

Alternate Display Options

1.  Rest assembled frame on a floating shelf

2.  Email [email protected] to request kit for traditional wire hanging hardware and instructions

About the artist

Pete Sandvik is a veteran of the advertising/marketing industries having started his fledgling career while attending Edina High School working at Kerker and Associates (now known as Preston Kelly).

Earning a Bachelor’s Degree from the College of Visual Arts in 1985, Pete established himself in the fields of illustration and graphic design where he has accrued over 30 years of experience and skills – as well as a few awards of recognition. He has gone on to gain professionally recognized expertise in the fields of medical and technical illustration.

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