Medical Alley Association’s Statement on the Upcoming Retirement of Medtronic CEO Omar Ishrak

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August 29  

Since taking over the company in 2011, Omar Ishrak has led Medtronic on a strong growth trajectory and expanded the company’s influence in innovative spaces like TAVR, surgical robotics, and value-based care. There is no doubt that Medtronic has benefitted from his leadership. Ahead of his planned retirement this coming April, and the promotion of Geoff Martha to CEO, the Medical Alley Association has prepared the following statement:

“On behalf of the Medical Alley community, we thank Omar Ishrak for his bold leadership of Medtronic and wish him the best as he announces his upcoming retirement,” said Shaye Mandle, President & CEO of the Medical Alley Association. “Omar’s accomplishments in Medtronic’s growth and his leadership in driving value-based healthcare forward have set a new standard for the health technology industry.”

“Medical Alley congratulates Geoff Martha on his ascension to the position of CEO. Geoff’s leadership has been key to Medtronic’s success and his personal commitment to the Medical Alley community is highly regarded. We excitedly look forward to working more closely with him as he transitions into his new role.” Mandle said.

Medtronic was a founding member of the Medical Alley Association in 1984, and they continue to be deeply involved with the Association today. Medtronic executive Sheri Dodd, Vice President and General Manager, Care Management Services and Non-Intensive Diabetes Therapies Business, currently serves as Chair of the Medical Alley Association Board of Directors.

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