McMurray Medical Receives National Innovation Award for Airway Device

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March 9  

Minneapolis — March 9, 2023 — McMurray Medical has been selected as the winner of the American Nurses Association 2023 “nurse-led team” Innovation Award. Roxanne McMurray, CRNA, DNP, APRN, received the award for the device she invented, the McMurray Enhanced Airway (MEA). The awards “highlight, recognize and celebrate exemplary nurse-led innovations that improve patient safety and health outcomes.” The award, sponsored by Stryker, includes a $50,000 prize earmarked for further product advancements. 

“The McMurray Medical team is thrilled to receive this recognition as an innovative solution in airway management,” said McMurray. “New airway management tools are needed to help today’s patients breathe better during and after anesthesia is administered, especially in ambulatory and outpatient surgery centers and non-operating room procedures. The McMurray Enhanced Airway meets these needs and more in a significant way.”

Unlike other airway devices, the MEA’s longer flexible tubing reaches beyond the tongue to quickly stent open a patient’s airway, facilitating ventilation and oxygenation. The MEA also requires no set-up. It can be inserted quickly and easily without requiring special patient positioning or ancillary items. The MEA also can be attached to an anesthesia circuit or resuscitator bag for positive pressure intraoral ventilation.

In addition to the ANA Innovation Award, the MEA was named an EMS World Innovation Award winner (2021) for its ease and utility in emergency settings, and a World Airway Management Meeting (WAMM) “Innovation in Airway Management” finalist. 

The McMurray Enhanced Airway is available in the U.S. Visit for more

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About McMurray Medical

McMurray Medical was co-founded by Roxanne McMurray, DNP, APRN, CRNA, inventor of the McMurray Enhanced Airway and a practicing anesthesia provider. Motivated to find a safe, cost-effective, fast and easy way to open obstructed airways, she created the MEA, which is now used in hospitals and healthcare facilities across the U.S.

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