LightningCath Unveils Cutting-Edge Coated Braided Wire Patent Revolutionizing Catheter Technology

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May 13  

MAPLE GROVE, MN, April 11, 2024 – LightningCath, a pioneering force in medical device innovation, proudly presents its latest breakthrough in braided wire technology with the unveiling of the Coated Braided Wire patent, developed in April 2023.

The Coated Braided Wire patent by LightningCath sets a new standard in catheter performance by introducing a revolutionary approach to improving lamination and kink resistance. By coating braid or coil wire with a thin “tie layer” or “strike layer” of thermoplastic material, this patent promises to enhance the functionality and reliability of catheters for medical professionals and patients alike.

The Coated Braided Wire technology offers several advantages over existing designs:

  • Enhanced strength: The improved bonding between layers strengthens the overall catheter structure.
  • Superior adhesion: The polymer coating ensures improved adhesion between the inner and outer layers of the catheter.
  • Homogeneous structure: The improved bonding creates a more uniform catheter structure, enhancing performance and reliability.

LightningCath is committed to developing innovative medical devices that improve patient care. LightningCath welcomes collaborations and licensing opportunities with industry partners seeking to leverage this innovative technology. The company invites interested parties to explore the potential of integrating the Coated Braided Wire patent into their product offerings, thereby advancing the forefront of medical device technology.

For more information on pricing, licensing terms, and partnership opportunities related to the Coated Braided Wire patent, please contact:

Matt Balko

Director of Business Development

[email protected]


About LightningCath

LightningCath recognizes the need for shorter lead times in the market without quality compromise. Our mission is to be your partner of choice for quality catheter components, delivered faster. Our team has extensive manufacturing and engineering experience in the medical device industry specifically in catheter component technology. To learn more visit

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