Launch Minnesota Awards Over $1M in Innovation Grants to Startups

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October 25  

St. Paul – Today the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) announced $1,189,500 in Launch Minnesota Innovation Grant awards to startups across the state. The grants were awarded to 43 startups, over half of which are led by entrepreneurs of color, veterans, women, or located in Greater Minnesota.

Launch Minnesota Innovation Grants target the most promising, innovative and scalable technology businesses in Minnesota. The grants help reduce the risk for Minnesota technology startups and entrepreneurs who are solving problems and growing the state’s innovation ecosystem.

“The launch of new technology startups is central to Minnesota’s overall competitiveness, because our startup ecosystem has an outsized impact on our state,” said DEED Commissioner Steve Grove. “These grants encourage more Minnesotans to build the next big thing – creating jobs and opportunities in industries of the future.”

Since its inception during the 2019 legislative session, Launch Minnesota has awarded 245 Innovation Grants totaling $6M to 176 unique grantees – accelerating the growth of startups and amplifying Minnesota as a national leader in innovation.

The program has $3M this biennium, $1.5M each fiscal year to provide grants to high-growth startups. Launch Minnesota has $310,500 remaining this fiscal year, which ends June 2023.

“Putting capital in the hands of founders is making a difference,” said Launch Minnesota Executive Director Neela Mollgaard. “These businesses are growing and solving big problems that will define our state’s next chapter.”

Innovation Grants include business operations, which provide up to $35,000 for research and development, direct business expenses and technical assistance, and Small Business Innovation Research / Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR) Matching Grants, for first time Phase I and Phase II awardees and that are based on sliding scales of their federal awards. Businesses are eligible to receive one of each grant over the two-year period.

The following companies received grants:

Adapt Design Works LLC (Business Operations)Developing an app-connected system that monitors and prevents pressure injuries for wheelchair users.

Agitated Solutions Inc (Business Operations): Provides agitated saline as contrast during ultrasound procedures.

Astrin Biosciences Inc (SBIR/STTR): Developing single-cell diagnostic tools and precision therapies to transform cancer mortality.

Binary Bridge SBC (Business Operations): Bringing health equity and clinic modernization to emerging economies with an innovative digital health records system.

Bus Stop Mamas LLC (Business Operations): Workforce engagement tool that provides businesses access to an untapped talent pool of educated stay-at-home moms.

C Drager LLC (Business Operations): Online platform for farmers and independent meat market producers to sell directly to consumers.

Canomiks Inc (SBIR/STTR): Developing an AI-based platform to test and certify biological efficacy and safety for the food, beverage and dietary supplement industry.

Carba Inc (Business Operations):  Permanently removes and buries large quantities of carbon monoxide from the atmosphere.

Cerovations LLC (SBIR/STTR): Medtech development focused on neurosurgical, urologic/gynecologic and cardiac inventions.

Clean Chickens and Co. LLC (Business Operations): Mobile Poultry Processing Unit that is both USDA inspected and Halal Certified.

CoraVie Medical: (Business Operations and SBIR/STTR) Developing a subcutaneous, continuous blood pressure monitor.  

Daynamica Inc (SBIR/STTR): Application for collecting, processing and understanding human activity and travel behavior data.

Detect Auto Inc (Business Operations): Computer vision-based analytics platform for auto repair shops providing analytics and insights on shop performance with AI. 

Empower Independence Company LLC (Business Operations): Developing a shower system that enables individuals with physical limitations to provide self-care, increase independence and enhance safety in the shower.

Exergi Predictive Inc (SBIR/STTR): Developing machine learning software products for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Frontline Biotechnologies Inc (Business Operations): Researching a novel eDNA sorbent kit for use as a diagnostic tool for aquatic disease and invasive species.

Hayaa LLC (Business Operations): Providing culturally appropriate sanitary wear for Muslim healthcare workers.

Heart Failure Solutions Inc (Business Operations): Assisting heart failure patients that have been diagnosed with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.

Isola Therapeutics Inc: Business Operations and SBIR/STTR) Developing a local drug delivery platform to treat lung cancer and esophageal cancer.

Loon Medical LLC (SBIR/STTR): Developing a mobile application with a quality-controlled collection of clinical signs and outcome monitoring meant for infants and preschoolers with respiratory illnesses.

MarPam Pharma LLC (SBIR/STTR): Developing a one-time treatment for HIV that eliminates the need to take daily antiretroviral medications.

Morari Inc (Business Operations): Developed a chemical-free Bluetooth-enabled wearable patch for the treatment of premature ejaculation.

NeuraWorkx Medical Technologies Inc (Business Operations): Developing a non-invasive bioelectronic and digital health solution by enhancing the brain’s glymphatic system to slow its aging process.

Neurotype Inc (Business Operations): Researching and developing portable brain sensing tools to support the recovery of people who struggle with substance use disorders.

Nightware Inc (SBIR/STTR): Prescription digital therapeutic system for the reduction of sleep disturbance related to nightmare disorder or nightmares from post-traumatic stress disorder.

NovoClade Inc (SBIR/STTR): Working to bring chemical-free environmentally friendly insect control to market.

Nucleic Sensing Systems LLC (SBIR/STTR): Developing technology for the autonomous detection and verification of biological organisms.

Parkpoolr LLC (Business Operations): Offering modern parking management including property management, advertising, payment collection and more.

REMastered Sleep LLC: (Business Operations  and SBIR/STTR) Myofunctional therapy water bottle providing a simple solution to improve airway health and get better sleep.

Sasya Inc (SBIR/STTR): Developing low-cost, high-performing feed additives for the swine feed market.

Sarcio Inc (Business Operations): Developing an osteoarthritis regenerative cell therapy.

Shape Medical Systems Inc (SBIR/STTR): Validating new methods developed by Shape to detect early-stage pulmonary arterial hypertension.

SIID Technologies LLC (Business Operations): Applies principles of machine learning and data science to develop SaaS software products that mitigate algorithmic bias within legal practices.

Superior Nano LLC (SBIR/STTR): Developing nano-dosage forms of drug molecules and nano-drug delivery technology.

TearRestore Inc (Business Operations): At-home device replacing in-office treatment for dry eye sufferers.

Teqnizan Inc (Business Operations): Offers a patented music earring that connects to Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Tiumed LLC (Business Operations): Creating an electro-surgical device targeting benign prostatic hyperplasia surgeries.

TriOxLLC (Business Operations): Developing an at-home appliance that sterilizers a prosthetic sleeve.

TurnSignl Inc (Business Operations): On-demand legal guidance from an attorney to drivers.

 Weathervane Labs LLC (SBIR/STTR): App with personalized weather insights.

Visit or the Launch Minnesota grants section of the DEED website to learn more about grant opportunities, see a listing of grant recipients and access application materials.

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