KOAG Receives FDA Clearance for Vascette® HP
Hemostatic Pad for Vascular Closure

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February 1  

KOAG LLC, a Minneapolis-based medical device firm engaged in the  design of innovative, topical vascular closure systems, announced today it  received FDA clearance for its Vascette® HP device. 

Vascette® is a unique, topical closure pad incorporating a proprietary,  plant-derived, surgical hemostatic foam. The Vascette® patent-pending  technology supports rapid hemostasis (blood stoppage) after cardiac  catheterization without direct compression over the arterial puncture site  (arteriotomy).  

KOAG will exhibit the Vascette® HP at the American College of  Cardiology meeting in New Orleans, March 4-6, 2023. The Company  anticipates a clinical introduction during Q1, 2023. 

KOAG LLC is a privately held medical device organization headquartered  in suburban Minneapolis, MN. 

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