Sr Production Planner

Job Summary:
Responsible for creating and maintaining the production schedule for all Tapemark manufacturing lines. In this role, the production planner will be required to gather and process information from number of manufacturing inputs (materials, documentation, equipment and resource availability, etc.) to establish production schedules that are achievable and in line with department goals and objectives. Ensures optimal utilization of Tapemark resources to meet production demands.

• Plan the utilization of employees, materials, and production capacity to schedule commercial orders and development projects on all Tapemark manufacturing equipment. This involves creating and posting a schedule for each production line. This critical activity requires the following:
o Matching the required level of production with existing resources.
o Identifying critical production inputs followed by monitoring the status.
o Understanding of Tapemark operational processes, pharmaceutical industry standards, and production limitations to ensure smooth execution and efficient changeover of equipment.
? Providing granularity in scheduled activities to account for tasks like set up, run, tear down, cleaning, equipment release, etc.)
? Collaboration with process subject matter experts to determine appropriate allocation of equipment time and employees for a given process.
? Proficiency in using the Tapemark ERP system.
o Collaboration with cross functional teams including Project Mgmt, Materials Mgmt, and R&D.
o Strong communication skills and ability to clearly convey production plans, timelines, &constraints.
o Remediation of critical path items required to maintaining the production schedule. This includes identifying and communicating key pre-production activities that are potential constraints such as material and labor availability and documentation requirements.
o Proficient use of proper scheduling tools like MS Project, Excel, and Word; Gantt charts, and Tapemark ERP System.
o Reserving materials in Tapemark inventory management system to fulfill scheduled production orders.
• Facilitate meetings with key stakeholders to Proactively:
o Address ongoing changes to key manufacturing inputs and development project scope changes that impact the production schedule.
o Articulate bottlenecks, critical path inputs, and future challenges involving the production schedule.
o Elevate critical production scheduling information to upper management so financial implications can be quantified and addressed.

• Bachelor’s degree with 1-2 years’ experience in a production setting, preferably pharmaceuticals.
• Associates degree with 2-5 years’ experience in a production setting, preferably pharmaceuticals.
• Strong interpersonal and organizational skills
• Proficient software skills including MS Project, Word, and Excel
• Proactive team player with a strong sense of ownership.

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