Client Account Executive (CAE)

Posting Date: 06/07/2019
Closing Date: 09/01/2019
Posting Level: Executive/Senior Level

Job purpose
At Benovate a Client Account Executive (CAE) is responsible for prospecting, developing and managing a book of business for continuous organic and share-of-wallet growth year-over-year. This individual is an expert sales person who listens to prospects’ and clients’ needs and works to ensure Benovate can solve and deliver value through long-term relationships. The individual is a career sales person with a passion for closing deals, not one who is looking to use sales as a step to other functions.

Duties and responsibilities:

● Proficient demonstration of the platform and its analytical capabilities.

● Thorough understanding of the Population Reporting Tool (PRT) and the full analytical power of
the platform.

● Learn and tell the Benovate Value Story adapting it to varied prospect and client applications.

● Show up with maturity, confidence and respect in C-Suite offices and in front of marketplace constituents of all kinds – represent the brand with utmost integrity and professionalism.

● Be able to thoughtfully and analytically identify segments for priority targeting as well as segments for lower priority in the interest of selling efficiency.

● Nurture relationships from prospecting through long sales cycles with multiple decision- influencers in organizational settings.

● Evangelize wellbeing versus wellness in the marketplace.

● Evangelize the power of organizational learning, insights and population [people] improvement.

● Keep current on competitive activities and remain able to clearly articulate the competitive.

advantages of Benovate versus others in close categories.

● Prospect for leads through networking, conferences, associations, and other relationship means
you determine – be active, not passive in lead generation.

● Prospect and client needs assessment.

● Benovate solution design for specific and unique prospect and client applications.

● Work with Marketing to ensure lead-generation campaigns are well understood by both for overall
messaging, timing and pipeline growth.

● Effective and ongoing use of the CRM system – keeping it updated and an accurate “source of
truth” for forecasting and planning.

● Negotiate contracts effectively with prospects and clients; having secured sufficient leadership
engagement from the Benovate SLT.

● Partner, collaborate and communicate – externally with prospects, clients and the like; but also
internally with front-, and back-room team members. Know your role and others’ and collaborate
for maximum leverage.

● Collaborate coach and leverage the Client Success Manager who works in partnership with you to
serve existing clients.

● Close sales – manage your pipeline from lead through close and achieve new revenue.

● Grow accounts – manage your book of business increasing revenues from existing clients YOY.

● Client NPS levels.

● Sales targets achievement.

● Renewal targets achievement.

Job title: Client Account Executive (CAE)
Reports to: Chief Growth Officer


● Bachelor’s Degree – human sciences/studies desired; others considered.

● Advanced degrees preferred.

● 10+ years B-B sales experience.

● Demonstrated ability to think and sell “systems”, not simple “products”.

● Demonstrated analytical thinking skills.

● Comfort with data; data models, data constructs, data management protocols and systems.

● Demonstrated ability to listen, identify needs and create best-fitting solutions for the client.

● Experience in vertical categories focused on health, wellness, wellbeing, fitness, nutrition, psychology and human sciences will be preferred.

● Experience with market research data analytics – quantitative analytics, highly desirable.

● Data-supported proof of sales success – lead conversion, close rates, BOB growth, share.

of wallet increases and client retention.

● Expert listening skills and ability to synthesize and interpret for accurate insights.

● Expert communications skills – written [provide samples] and verbal; grammar,
conciseness, articulation, presentation to executives, etc.

● Proven professional decorum – maturity, “polish”, comfort level in the C-Suite with
historical experience there.

● Integrity – say what you mean and do what you say with full candor - no hiding nuances
or subtle misleads.

● Ability to study, learn and test through the Benovate value story and platform capabilities.

● Understanding of HIPAA, PHI and GDPR.

● Enthusiasm, high energy, positive demeanor.

● Ability to move without perfection – keep things moving, don’t wait
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