Introducing Brekka: Revolutionizing Surgical Precision and Efficiency in Implant Delivery

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June 25  

[Woodbury, June 2023] — Vita Group, a leader in medical device innovation, is proud to announce the launch of Brekka, a revolutionary implant delivery device designed to assist in surgeries involving the placement of a variety of implants at a variety of implant insertion locations. Brekka provides a shell-tissue interface with less friction during the insertion of an implant, which can help reduce the effort of delivering the implant and enhances the surgeon’s experience.

Brekka offers surgeons some flexibility depending on implant size and user preferences. With its 3-in-1 or 2-in-1 configurable options, surgeons can choose the ideal configuration based on the specific surgery. While Brekka is intended for single patient use only, the device can be configured to be used for two insertions on the same patient in a single procedure.

Brekka’s featured handles allow the surgeon to open the device without contacting the inside of the device, which may aid in the administration of contact-free delivery.

With Brekka’s simple usage steps, it enforces a priority of user-friendliness for surgeons while maintaining sterility. Simply unfold the device and cut along the blue dashed lines to achieve the desired configuration. After hydrating the implant tray and the device with povidone-iodine or another preferred solution, open the device using the handles, load and deliver the implant.

“We are thrilled to introduce Brekka to the medical community,” said Dr. Karan Chopra, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon. “This groundbreaking device represents a significant advancement in implant delivery technology. By addressing the challenges faced by surgeons, Brekka aims to revolutionize the surgical landscape, ultimately benefiting both medical professionals and patients.”

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