Integrity Orthopaedics Announces Closure of  Series B Financing

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April 30  

Minneapolis, MN (April 30, 2024) – Integrity Orthopaedics, Inc., a company pioneering next  generation solutions for soft tissue repair, has successfully closed on a Series B financing of  $20.6 million. The financing was co-led by Piper Sandler Merchant Banking and an undisclosed  existing investor. The company intends to use the capital to expand the US commercial launch of  its initial product in the rotator cuff repair market. This milestone advances the company’s vision  of revolutionizing soft tissue repair with its patented technology, aiming for stronger surgical repair  and enhanced long-term healing. 

Integrity Orthopaedics was co-founded in 2020 by Thomas Westling, a veteran executive in  medtech and previously Founder and CEO of Rotation Medical, David Crompton, Chief IP and  General Counsel, and distinguished orthopaedic surgeons Dr. Patrick Connor, Dr. Howard Harris,  and Dr. Marc Labbe.  

“We are pleased to co-lead the Series B financing,” said Tom Schnettler, Managing Director, Piper  Sandler Merchant Banking. “Tom Westling is a proven entrepreneur and outstanding biomedical  engineer. We see significant opportunities for Integrity Orthopaedics to transform the rotator cuff  repair space, with the potential for this system to become a platform technology with broad  applicability for soft tissue repairs across the human body.” 

“We are grateful for the support of our shareholders, who we view as a strategic asset,” stated  Thomas Westling, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Integrity Orthopaedics. “We have  been blessed with an extraordinary set of investors, many with deep health care expertise and  connections throughout the health care ecosystem, and they have consistently given us valuable  counsel since our founding.” 

The Integrity Orthopaedics system is designed to address the biggest unmet need in rotator cuff  repairs, reducing the occurrence of cuff re-tears following surgical repair. Current surgical  techniques have a structural failure rate that typically averages 20-40%, with rates ranging from 8- 94% in specific studies (Young, et al., 2023). 

The Integrity Orthopaedics system was FDA cleared in early 2023 and initially utilized by a small  group of surgeons in a limited launch. This system uses patented micro-anchors, a continuous,  locking stitch, a patented instrument for anchor installation and unique operative techniques to  enable physicians to dramatically improve the fixation and healing of torn tendons. The Company  has begun a paced expansion of its field sales team, with the goal of working with innovative  orthopedists in select markets throughout the country. This roll out is expected to broaden over  time, as the Company ramps up its staffing, production volumes and physician education  resources.

“The keys to maximizing the environment for rotator cuff healing are a strong initial repair coupled  with a technique that allows the tendon access to the patient’s biology for long-term healing,” said  Dr. Patrick Connor, orthopaedic shoulder surgeon at OrthoCarolina in Charlotte, Chief of Sports  Medicine and Shoulder & Elbow Surgery at Atrium Health, and Co-Founder of Integrity  Orthopedics. “This technology achieves both goals with more fixation points than any other  solution on the market. My experience using this device has shown that it not only creates a more  consistent and efficient repair than other techniques, it also uniquely improves both the strength  and the overall healing environment at the time of surgery. Based on the substantial increased  strength of the repair and restoration of the entire rotator cuff footprint, surgeons may be more  comfortable reducing postoperative sling immobilization for their patients which will lead to their  faster and more complete recovery.” 

About Integrity Orthopaedics 

Integrity Orthopaedics is committed to redefining the landscape of soft tissue repair. Its initial  focus is on revolutionizing the approach to rotator cuff repair, overcoming limitations of traditional  techniques by enabling robust initial repair strength while fostering an optimal environment for  healing. The company was founded in 2020 and is headquartered in Maple Plain, MN.  

About Piper Sandler Merchant Banking 

Piper Sandler Merchant Banking (PSMB) is the growth equity investment arm of Piper Sandler  Companies (NYSE: PIPR). The PSMB team strives to partner with founders and CEOs of growing,  commercial stage businesses that can benefit by leveraging Piper Sandler’s knowledge, experience,  capital and relationships to build market leading enterprises. PSMB provides investment advisory  services through the affiliated registered investment adviser, PSC Capital Partners LLC. Learn  more about Piper Sandler Merchant Banking. 


Young BL, Bitzer A, Odum S, Hamid N, Shiffern S, Connor PM. Healthcare costs of failed rotator  cuff repairs. JSES Rev Rep Tech. 2023 Apr 25;3(3):318-323. 

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