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November 7  

Medical Alley, Minn., November 7, 2022 – Last September, Neuro Solutions Group was  selected by the American accelerator Ignite ( Ignite Healthcare  Network’s Accelerator Programs are held annually to support innovation in emerging  women-led digital health and medtech companies. This connection-intensive program  connects women entrepreneurs leading healthcare start-ups with their potential clients and  investors. Twenty five companies were selected, of which only one represented Canada:  Neuro Solutions Group. 

The company, mentored by the Texas Children’s hospital, managed to stand out by winning  the Southwest National Pediatric Device Innovation Award, recognition accompanied by a  grant of $25,000 USD and support to break into the health market in the United States. Texas  is one of the states with the most extensive pediatric care; this represents an important step  for the company to present its solution Kairos – Heroes of Time. 

Created by a mom turned entrepreneur, the Kairos app uses video games and avatars to  provide parental guidance to parents of children with neurodevelopmental disorders, such  as ADHD. The technological tool improves the autonomy of children and offers dashboards  that allow monitoring of behavior and the side effects of medication over long periods.

Kairos is particularly useful in a context where waiting lists for obtaining a diagnosis or simply  accessing services are constantly on the rise. The company wishes to have its solution  recognized as a digital therapy and to be able to be prescribed as alternative or  complementarity to medication

“I am extremely proud of how far we have come in the field of digital health. The recognition  obtained this week in Texas confirms the relevance of daring to innovate and developing  solutions centered on the needs of users. I wanted to bring the “fun” in health, mission  accomplished!”, says Annie Martineau, President and CEO of Neuro Solutions Group, the  company behind the creation and implementation in the market. 

An approach supported by a community of researchers 

It has been previously shown that children with neurodevelopmental disorders present  deficits in executive functions causing significant difficulties in the execution of routines. With  KAIROS, they develop the ability to self-regulate. 

Incidentally, the technological tool allows an incursion into the world of video games, but it  inspires a lot of motivation in the acquisition of learning and the development of autonomy.  Researchers at UQTR have taken an interest in the benefits of the tool with a large-scale study  conducted with more than 200 families. 

“We thought it was relevant to assess how a technological tool like KAIROS could change  behaviors in children and help people with ADHD or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the  assimilation of routines,” said the researcher and professor in the department of  psychoeducation at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières, Ms. Line Massé. 

As of now, the application is available on App Store and Google Play through a monthly or  annual subscription after a two-week free trial period. 

About Neuro Solutions Group 

Founded in 2017, Neuro Solutions Group is a digital health company that specializes in  patient engagement and frictionless follow-up. For more information : or 


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