FOX Rehabilitation Adds Remote Therapeutic Monitoring, Through Partnership with OneStep, to Provide Comprehensive Value-Based Care for Older Adults

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March 16  

New York, NY – March 16, 2023 – FOX Rehabilitation (“FOX”), the nation’s leading provider of Geriatric House Calls™, is extending its ability to serve older adults with remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM). FOX has partnered with OneStep, an innovative platform for digital therapy using pioneering science that turns any smartphone into a clinical-grade motion analysis lab. OneStep’s remote care platform allows FOX clinicians to extend patient care beyond in-person visits, to improve clinical outcomes, enhance patient engagement, reduce healthcare costs and continue its reputation as a healthcare innovator.

The partnership provides unprecedented functional insight into the older adult population. OneStep’s mobile app for motion analysis identifies changes in gait parameters and function mobility assessments that are correlated with an increased risk of falling and hospitalization. The patient is also more engaged during and after therapy via dynamic, video-based home programs. Data is received in real-time with ongoing notifications to the clinician, allowing for proactive intervention. 

Together, FOX and OneStep are introducing a way to capture the time spent and impact of remote care, called “RTM Minutes”, which aims to emphasize high-quality care and better patient outcomes. OneStep’s ability to capture continuous gait and motion analysis data offers clinicians heightened visibility to deliver data-driven, personalized care plans that can be easily adapted and highly targeted. RTM Minutes is a metric that automatically captures the time clinicians spend monitoring patients and reviewing data collected by OneStep. OneStep data is optimized for easy consumption and actionable insights to move care upstream – a game-changer for preventative intervention.

Dr. Robyn Kjar, CEO, FOX Rehabilitation, said: “With OneStep, FOX clinicians have a valuable new tool to deliver exceptional care. Our partnership marks the moment where technology and opportunity meet to enhance clinical decision-making and produce better health outcomes for our older adult patients.” 

OneStep’s app allows FOX to optimize care across the patient journey, which facilitates substantial savings and supports reimbursement for new RTM CPT codes released in January 2022. 

​​“FOX is a pioneer in remote care, and this marks a pivotal step in bringing digital transformation into the home for geriatric care – enabling high-quality remote care management to improve how elderly patients function at home with physical independence and confidence,” said Tomer Shussman, CEO at OneStep. “Together with FOX, we are positively changing the way people age.”

About OneStep

OneStep uses smartphone motion sensors to continuously analyze movement in real-life conditions, providing clinically validated gait and motion analysis data within seconds without any wearables. ​Our FDA-listed digital health platform equips clinicians with a full suite of remote PT protocols and tools that support remote therapeutic monitoring and enable clinicians to enhance decision making, intervene proactively, and help their patients reach their goals faster – by assessing health status sooner, more holistically, and from anywhere. We serve leading physical therapy providers, surgeon-owned clinics, orthotists and prosthetists, and medical device manufacturers. OneStep has demonstrated outstanding clinical outcomes and superior patient satisfaction while improving provider efficiencies, increasing revenue, and lowering costs.

About FOX Rehabilitation

FOX Rehabilitation is a high-growth entrepreneurial private practice of physical and occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists that provides proactive, clinically excellent, and evidence-based treatment interventions to the older adult population. FOX was built on the strong clinical foundation of Geriatric House Calls™; and throughout its growth, the practice has stayed true to its mission of rehabilitating lives by believing in the strength of people. For more, see

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