Focusing on People, Product During the Coronavirus Outbreak

March 11  

via 3M

“In Aberdeen, South Dakota, Tim Hofer stood in front of a production line that was turning out thousands of 3M N95 respirators. The plant was running around the clock in response to the coronavirus outbreak – and the resulting global demand for respirators.”

“’We know what we have to do, we know we need to keep our numbers up, we know we need to keep ourselves safe, and we need to put out great quality,’ said Tim, a machine operator in Aberdeen. ‘And that’s what we’ve come here to do.”

“Like Tim, 3M employees in the United States, Asia, Europe and Latin America are on the front lines maintaining operations and producing needed supplies to help others treat and help protect people in the face of the outbreak.”

“‘Our hearts go out to all those whose health, loved ones and communities have been affected by the coronavirus,’ said Denise Rutherford, senior vice president, 3M Corporate Affairs. ‘Many people, including 3Mers in China and other regions, are facing health risks and uncertainty in the face of the outbreak, and 3M is committed to supporting response efforts.'”

“3M is supporting public health and government response to the outbreak by ramping up production at our global manufacturing facilities, including hiring workers, adding shifts and activating more production lines. We’ve also donated personal protective equipment and medical supplies, including respirators, surgical masks and hand sanitizer, in affected areas in China, and we will continue to work with our humanitarian aid partners such as Direct Relief and MAP International.”

“Still, global demand for certain personal protective equipment, including respirators, is currently exceeding supply. We are working with customers, distributors, and government and medical officials to help get supplies where they are most needed.”

“’We’re seeing outbreaks develop in new countries every day. But even for the countries where there isn’t a widespread outbreak, we are working really hard to prepare right now in case they do,’ said Nikki McCullough, 3M global occupational safety and health leader.”

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