Envoy America Announces a New Partnership with Lifespark

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May 24  

Minneapolis, MN (May 24th, 2022) – Envoy America, the leading service provider for companionship, assistance, and transportation for older adults, announces a new partnership with Lifespark, a complete senior health company, to introduce Lifespark GO! Powered by Envoy America. This new service will provide companion assistance through transportation for residents at 14 communities in Minnesota and Wisconsin and that number continues to grow to over 30 by end of 2022.

Lifespark GO! Powered by Envoy America uses Envoy America’s Mobility-As-A-Service (MaaS) subscription model to provide certified Companion Drivers, reliable vehicles, and full companionship assistance to help senior living communities reduce yearly operating and capital expenses that can be better utilized within their facilities.

The partnership benefits residents by holistically addressing social determinants of health, including social isolation and loneliness, and increasing engagement for people who want autonomy and independence as they age. Seniors can schedule a Companion Driver to accompany them to events such as doctor’s appointments, shopping, and social activities. 

“Our partnership with Envoy America focuses on cultivating a strong relationship with people, allowing them to age with dignity. This truly amplifies the abilities of my team to provide support in reducing major risk factors,” said Matt Kinne, Lifespark Vice President, Growth and Strategic Partnerships. “Implementing this innovative Mobility-As-A Service subscription model allows us to greatly reduce monthly expenses in van leases, insurance, and gas, and gives us more resources to address our residents core needs and care for their well-being.”

Envoy America first partnered with Lifespark in 2020 to provide seniors with private transportation to appointments, religious services, and other events. During the pandemic, Envoy America Companion Drivers expanded their services to include the delivery of durable medical equipment and medicine. At that time, Lifespark began selling its fleet of passenger buses and shifting senior transportation services to Lifespark GO! Powered by Envoy America.

“This partnership is a win-win as it allows Envoy America to manage the transportation needs allowing Lifespark to focus on its mission to provide a complete experience for the seniors they serve,” said K. C. Kanaan, Co-Founder and CEO of Envoy America. “Lifespark understands that studies show that transportation is one of the biggest problems impacting older adult’s health, well-being, and independence. Envoy America helps remove transportation challenges through our transportation network and highlights trained Companion Drivers helping to keep their residents healthy and happy.”

Lifespark GO! Powered By Envoy America employs Companion Drivers who are fully vetted and trained to work with seniors living with the challenges of aging, including mobility and dementia. Vehicles are certified safe and include wheelchair-accessible options for those needing additional care.

“Lifespark GO! Powered By Envoy America enhances the transportation options for our residents,” added Kinne. “The response from our residents has been overwhelmingly positive as they love Envoy America’s Companion Drivers. Now, we’re able to provide them more and better options to foster their independence, healthy lifestyles, and goals to become more socially active.”

Envoy America Companion Drivers provide reliable and personalized transportation and companionship services for older adults during a wide range of activities such as grocery shopping, medical appointments, social outings, and more to ensure that seniors are safe and comfortable throughout the duration of the trip. Those interested in applying to be a Companion Driver and make a difference in the lives of local seniors can visit https://envoyamerica.com/drive-for-envoy-america/.

About Envoy America:

Since 2015, Envoy America and Envoy Companions across the country have been addressing the social determinants of health for hundreds of thousands of older adults. Envoy America unlocks the full potential for older adults by providing best-in-class, reliable and cost-effective companionship, assistance and transportation services. The company’s service helps the businesses that serve older adults grow their market share, increase their star rating, offer differentiated services and lower their overall costs.   

Visit www.envoyamerica.com to learn more.

About Lifespark:

Lifespark, formerly Lifesprk, is a complete senior health company. We help people stay healthy, navigate their healthcare options with confidence, and ultimately live fuller, more independent lives as they age. Visit: www.lifespark.com to learn more.


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