Diversified Plastics, Inc. Awards Glimpse Diagnostics with an Acceleration Station™ Service Grant

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October 12  

MINNEAPOLIS—Diversified Plastics, Inc. (DPI) has awarded a $2,500 Acceleration Station™ service grant to Glimpse Diagnostics. Offered in partnership with Medical Alley Association’s Starts program, the grants provide design for additive manufacturing and 3D printing services to medical device start-up companies in Minnesota. Acceleration Station, powered by the Carbon® Digital Light Synthesis™ (DLS™) additive manufacturing process, meets the needs of medical device start-ups for delivering end-use and prototype components in days.

Glimpse offers a combined hardware and software solution that enables telehealth treatment for little ears. Ear infections located deep inside the ear behind the eardrum are largely childhood diseases and particularly affect children under age five. Glimpse hardware is made to accommodate children’s ear anatomy and their specific needs for visualizing the eardrum. Our hardware allows parents to see an image of the eardrum, without expertise, in order to obtain care remotely, and from the comfort of home if they choose. The Glimpse AI algorithm software was developed with images of young children’s ears. It will act as a diagnostic aid for healthcare providers diagnosing ear pain in children. Learn more by visiting www.glimpsediagnostics.com.

“This grant will help us optimize our parts design and material selection,” says Courtney Hill, CEO of Glimpse Diagnostics. “We will be using the parts manufactured with DPI’s Acceleration Station for clinical trials and usability testing for FDA submission.”

“Our Acceleration Station, powered by the Carbon DLS process, is ideal for helping companies like Glimpse Diagnostic get to market faster,” says Kevin Hogan, chief executive officer (CEO) at Diversified Plastics, Inc. “Once FDA approval is completed, we can also provide large-scale production. We are delighted to be instrumental in Glimpse Diagnostics’ mission of helping parents and children get better ear care.”

Minnesota medical-device start-up companies seeking assistance with design for manufacturing and/or 3D-printing production services can learn more about the Acceleration Station grant by visiting divplast.com/starts. The Medical Alley Starts program is an initiative to lower the cost of starting, scaling and pivoting new ventures in the health innovation and care market segments. To learn about the Starts program, visit www.medicalalleystarts.com.

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