Carbon Medical Technologies, Inc Announces New Direct Sales Strategy Following Conclusion of Long-Time Distribution Agreement

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October 9  

October 9, 2023 – Carbon Medical Technologies, Inc (CMT) has announced the conclusion of a longstanding distribution agreement with Coloplast, effective May 1, 2023, for its Durasphere Injectable Bulking Agent to treat stress urinary incontinence in women. The decision to transition away from this distribution arrangement marks a significant milestone in the company’s growth and expansion strategy.

As the market landscape evolves, CMT recognizes the need to adapt and explore new avenues to deliver an even more seamless and personalized experience for its customers. To that end, the company is excited to announce its new direct sales strategy, which will empower CMT to forge direct connections with its valued customers. CMT’s President & CEO, Stephanie Kent shared “we believe that this strategic shift will enable us to better understand and serve the unique needs of our customers while fostering a stronger brand-customer relationship.”

By taking sales into its own hands, CMT aims to leverage its deep expertise and provide customers with direct access to CMT’s knowledgeable clinical and sales team, ensuring prompt responses to inquiries, personalized guidance, and an enhanced purchasing process. CMT is committed to making this transition as seamless as possible for its customers.

For more information about CMT’s Durasphere Injectable Bulking Agent, please visit or contact 1-888-207-0262.

About Carbon Medical Technologies, Inc.

Carbon Medical Technologies, Inc. (CMT) is a privately held company formed in 1994 to design, develop, and manufacture permanent human implantable products utilizing pyrolytic carbon. CMT operates a fully functional pyrolytic carbon coating facility and has developed multiple FDA approved, cleared to market, and CE Marked products. Currently, the pyrolytic carbon coating technology is incorporated into BiomarC implantable tissue markers developed for biopsy site marking, the BiomarC fiducial marker product line for radiation therapy treatment planning, and an injectable bulking agent called Durasphere, which is used for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence in women, and additional indications outside of the US. CMT also provides product development, contract manufacturing, and regulatory consulting for medical device companies. The company is a medical device manufacturer with ISO 13485 certified and cGMP compliant quality systems, maintains three different sterilization method validations, and does final product assembly and packaging in an ISO Class 7 clean room environment.

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