Backstory Insurance Introduces a New Era of Expertise and Innovation in Risk Management for the Medical Industry

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May 3  

Backstory Insurance Group is proud to become a member of Medical Alley and announces its official launch as a commercial and private-client insurance brokerage located downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.

With a steadfast commitment to safeguarding businesses and individuals in an ever-evolving world, Backstory Insurance brings a disciplined approach and cutting-edge solutions tailored for each client.

“At Backstory, we prioritize people, relationships, and results,” said Kyle Veenis, Director of Business Development at Backstory Insurance. “We believe every business has a unique story to tell, and it’s our privilege to be a part of that story. We have direct access to new programs and offer fresh ideas on meeting the challenges medical companies face today.”

“My unique position is built on over 11 years of medical experience in oncology genetics, women’s
reproductive health, cell cycle proliferation monitoring in Urology, and sterile biologic solutions for
oral surgery. This diverse background gives me a comprehensive understanding of the various
challenges that medical companies encounter.”

“As a medical technology company, you face distinct challenges with each product and service you offer. Consequently, there is no one-size-fits-all insurance solution that adequately covers all aspects of the life sciences field. To ensure your business is fully protected, it’s essential to customize your standard policies to meet your specific needs. While basic general liability or errors and omissions insurance provides foundational protection, it’s vital to identify and address any coverage gaps, especially given the complex nature of the industry. Tailoring your insurance coverage is key to safeguarding your business effectively.”

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