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The Medical Alley Association has launched two digital event series to deliver unparalleled intelligence and resources to our healthcare community and beyond. What Now, What Next delivers unique tools, resources, and guidance for your organization to navigate this new environment. Our other series, Bringing the Future Forward, features discussions with leaders on the most relevant topics in healthcare and how transformation is shaping the future. 

Software is Eating the (Healthcare) World: Corporate Strategy and Partnering Today

Thursday, Jan 28   |   10:00 AM CST

Marc Andreessen famously remarked that “software is eating the world.” It is as true in healthcare as in any other industry, though maybe at a more measured pace. Changes wrought by the pandemic have accelerated the trends of remote and virtual care, the adoption of connected device technology, and have seen non-traditional entrants – like retailers – aggressively pursue the space.

Change fuels opportunity for organizations willing to lead. In this What Now, What Next session, we will discuss the emerging strategies that healthcare, health tech, and non-traditional players are taking to improve outcomes and lower costs in new ways. The roles of software, regulation, and new business models will be explored.


Nima Ahmadi

Senior Director, Digital Products

John Hamalka


Ann Holder

Chief Executive Officer


How the Biden Administration and a Closely Divided Congress Will Impact Medical Alley and Healthcare

With the 2020 election in the rear view mirror, we can now turn our attention to the incoming administration and Congress. Shifts within both the executive and legislative branches are likely to have significant impacts on healthcare policy and the Medical Alley community as a whole. The last webinar in our 2020 What Now, What Next series provided an insider’s view on the Biden administration’s likely policy agenda, how a divided Congress and new administration can work together, and how Medical Alley could be impacted by it all (as well as have influence on the outcome).


T.J. Petrizzo

President & CEO

Megan Burke

Vice President

Bobby Patrick

Vice President, Strategic Growth and Policy

Raising Capital from Medical Alley’s Largest Early Stage Investor

The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer Program (STTR) are sources of non-dilutive capital for startups and small businesses with under 500 employees. Medical Alley companies raised nearly $50 million in 2019 to fund development without giving up equity. But the number could be higher. Many entrepreneurs think they do not qualify; the process is too complicated or takes too long.

Watch this What Now, What Next session to hear from companies that have pursued federal funding to learn from their experiences and come away with insights to help decide if non-dilutive federal funding is right for your company.


Pat Dillon


James Kent


Sameer Kumar


Virtual Marketing, Real Sales: Going to Market in Today's Environment

Bringing a new product to market was hard enough before the pandemic hit. Now your workforce is distributed, you can’t visit your customers in-person without extreme measures, and we’re all managing through economic uncertainty. How do you maintain and accelerate growth in this environment? Watch this What Now, What Next session to hear from peers on how they’ve adapted and overcome challenges to drive growth and customer value.


Elisabeth Johnson

Head of B2B Marketing

Brandon Schnittker

Director of Marketing

John Vasilakos

Global Head of MTS Business Development & Senior Research Immunologist

The New Normal? Caring for Your Team and Keeping Your Culture Intact

The COVID-19 pandemic has vastly changed work for all of us, creating the new abnormal. The increased complexities of managing the responsibilities of team members (virtual schooling, caring for family members, and Zoom meeting fatigue!) and their mental health is daunting.

And, how can companies define and sustain their organization’s culture when team members can’t gather in person to share the experience?

In this What Now, What Next session, hear from leaders on the steps they’re taking and the tools they’re using to support their teams, sustain their culture, and navigate the future of virtual work.


Kathleen Skarvan


Dale Cook


Matt Walter


Making a Commitment and Following Through on Building a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Company

We know what the data shows - organizations that are more diverse and have inclusive cultures outperform those that do not. But how can you make meaningful changes to become one of these organizations? Despite best intentions, ingrained practices can have the effect of reinforcing discrimination, denying people their agency and harming competitiveness. Looking for guidance? This What Now What Next session highlights those who are doing, including their failures, backpedaling, and struggles.


Roxanne Battle

Vice President, Advocacy & Community

Ebony Travis

Diversity & Inclusion Manager

Rajiv Shah

Founder & CEO

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