Up & Running With Kevin Lynch, CEO, Datica

September 27  

Kevin Lynch is the CEO of Datica, a SaaS company that delivers HITRUST and HIPAA compliance automation for public cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google. He has been fortunate to work with great people inside innovative companies. Kevin holds undergraduate degrees in Engineering and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Minnesota. Kevin only exhibits.

Give us Datica’s elevator pitch. What does your company do?

At Datica, we automate SOC 2 and HITRUST compliance for cloud operators and entrepreneurs so they can focus on innovation. By automating the compliance process we help our customers save between three to 12 “person months” of labor and accelerate time to market by at least 45 days.

What led you to found Datica?

Datica was founded as two separate companies. Both companies focused on streamlining data integration and automating compliance. As the business grew, we sold the integration business, and we are now focused entirely on automated compliance.

As a leader, did your role change during COVID-19?

I started here at Datica during the COVID outbreak, so we were all sequestered in our home offices. It was a big challenge for all of us. Fortunately, we have a great team here at Datica that adapted quickly and stayed productive.

Did your company experience changes as a result of the pandemic?

Yes, we needed to adapt to a “work-from-home” business model. Within a few months we realized we didn’t need the office building any longer.

What are the big milestones coming in the next few years for Datica?

This year, we sold our integration business, to focus on infosec security and compliance. We also launched our new compliance product to better-than-expected market demand. In the next year, we expect to grow rapidly and reach cash flow break even.

What’s one thing people get wrong about startup life?

Sometimes people focus on what’s unique about their startup instead of focusing on the customer. If you have happy customers and you’ve priced well, your startup should grow into a profitable company.

What’s the best advice you’ve received in your career?

If you want to achieve something difficult (like getting an advanced degree or starting a business), it’s going to take time to reach your desired outcome. Don’t wait to start; time passes without concern for your plans.

What is one personal goal for the upcoming year?

Every year I try to replace a bad habit with a good one. This year’s for example I’m replacing the bad habit of watching cable and TV news with the habit of reading one history book per quarter.

How do you like to relax?

I like to golf, run or cycle to decompress.

What do you enjoy most about the Medical Alley community?

It’s a great vehicle for staying in touch with what’s happening. It’s also a great way to connect with people who can share insights and experiences.

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