3M Awarded Department of Defense Contracts to Further Expand U.S. Production of N95 Respirators

Via 3M 3M has been awarded two contracts through the U.S. Department of Defense in recent weeks to further expand U.S. production of N95 respirators in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Beginning in January, 3M ramped up production of respirators and doubled its global output to 1.1 billion per year – including 35 million N95 […]

3M’s Latest N95 Complaint Targets Wisconsin Price Gouging

Via Bloomberg Law “The complaint is the latest in a volley of trademark infringement claims filed by 3M targeting companies for engaging in N95 price gouging during the Covid-19 crisis. 3M has also sued alleged price gougers in New York, California, Texas, and Florida.” “3M said Scott Patella, a registered agent of Hulomil LLC, contacted […]

3M’s complicated road to enough N95 capacity took many hands

Via Star Tribune “As the coronavirus mushroomed across the rest of the world, a global shortage of N95s would develop and test 3M like nothing else in its 118-year history.” “Entering the year, only 15% of 3M’s N95s were made for health care customers. Not even four months later, it’s now 90%. That “flip” was […]

Four Medical Alley-Grown Companies Lead the Global Charge Against COVID-19

From direct care, to device and diagnostic, these four Minnesota-grown companies are commanding the global charge against COVID-19. Mayo Clinic Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Mayo Clinic Laboratories has worked nonstop to develop a new, faster test for COVID-19, a process that would normally take up to a year. Mayo Clinic is now able […]

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