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The Lasting Impacts of COVID-19 on Remote Recruiting and Cultivating Culture with Rebiotix

Recruiting changed drastically during the COVID-19 pandemic, with a big shift to virtual recruiting and hiring. How much do you envision recruiting/hiring will be done virtually moving forward? COVID-19 has certainly introduced challenges in the process of bringing new talent to our teams. It was clear from the start that, to continue to bring new […]

For the Record with Kristin Gaarder, Senior Vice President of HR & Corporate Services for Amplifon Americas

Kristin Gaarder is an international human resources executive who creates business value through an engaged employee population. She is a visionary transformer who orchestrates sustainable change and leads enterprise-wide initiatives leveraging data and analysis. Known for her ability to deliver results, she removes barriers to ensure conditions exist for every team member to achieve success. Currently, […]

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