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Medical Alley Association Letter in Support of Making Permanent Changes Made to Telehealth Policy and Reimbursement

Zipnosis Hires While Telehealth Visits Grow By Hundreds of Thousands

Via Minneapolis-Saint Paul Business Journal “Zipnosis is one of the Minnesota tech firms still hiring during the pandemic. It’s added 11 employees in the past six weeks, reaching a total of 42. Those new hires are mostly in positions like customer support, though some new marketers were hired as well.” “The telehealth company has 51 health system […]

COVID-19 Pandemic Exposes Troubling Gap in Healthcare System

Debate over essential vs. non-essential services reduces access to care for people with hearing loss  Eden Prairie, Minnesota (May 6, 2020) – Since the beginning of the COVID-19 health crisis, clear communication has been vitally important for the safety of people around the world. For adults and children with hearing loss, the barriers to communication […]

How Mayo came to the aid of a New York hospital as it was being overrun by COVID patients

Via Post Bulletin “Where the New York hospital on a normal day might see a dozen ICU patients, there were now four times as many on ventilators. Doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals with little experience in an intensive care setting were being rushed to the ICU to handle the overflow of patients. “ “And they […]

SupDoc Gives Virtual Access to Minnesota Doctors During Coronavirus Pandemic

Via MinneInno “Founded in 2019, SupDoc offers virtual visits with local doctors to address things like allergies, medication refills, coughs, strep throat and more.” “During the current crisis, the company is offering free COVID-19 screenings through its app to help determine if a person should be officially tested for the disease. SupDoc also established a […]

2020 Q1 Investment Report

After a record-breaking year of investment in Medical Alley companies, early returns for 2020 demonstrate changes in the healthcare market. 2019 saw investments in digital health companies skyrocket, exceeding investments in medical device companies in Medical Alley for the first time. So far in 2020, medical device deals have returned to prominence, capturing over 85% […]

The Value of Telemedicine During a Global Pandemic

The CDC is encouraging the liberal use of telehealth tools in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Telehealth technology, originally designed to give patients who live far from a provider reliable access to care, is now being used much more widely as a way to screen and diagnose patients without risking the spread of COVID-19 through […]

For The Record with Lisa Lavin, Founder & CEO, Ōmcare

Lisa Lavin is founder and CEO of Ōmcare, a subsidiary of Anser Innovation. Ōmcare is a digital health company pioneering products that enable remote care. Ōmcare extends the reach of caregivers and redefines medication adherence.  Lisa has over 25 years of experience building new business from the ground up within the healthcare and high-tech sectors. […]

Seizing the Opportunity to Reimagine Health Care

Via Zipnosis It’s a new world—in so many ways. The last few weeks—even as I have watched my Zipnosis team dig deep into COVID-19 work with incredible dedication—I can’t help but think of post-Coronavirus healthcare. I have been following accounts of doctors in this pandemic who are profoundly changing the way patients are being cared […]

Emergency Digital Health Development in Response to COVID-19

Via Worrell “Worrell is offering emergency digital sprints for medical device, biotech, and health system clients“ “At this moment across the world thousands of physicians, clinical specialists, and healthcare administrators are working to pivot their practices in response to COVID-19. They are doing this by serving their patients at home, rescheduling visits, procedures and much […]

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