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IMPACT: Medical Alley and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Published October 15, 2020 Life, as we have known it, has changed. We celebrate the healthcare and public safety professionals, and the essential workers who continue to go to work every day to help others. We celebrate the acts of kindness and empathy; the countless recoveries and families reunited.  We continue to be in this […]

Vidscrip Announces Groundbreaking Collaboration with AstraZeneca to Address COVID-19

Via Vidscrip The Vidscrip Digital Physician-Patient Communications Platform is available at no cost to physicians and healthcare professionals across the US during the COVID-19 public health emergency – New COVID-19 Vidscrip program is being made available through a sponsorship by AstraZeneca, empowering healthcare providers to record videos that answer patients’ frequently asked questions and efficiently […]

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