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As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues to expand in the state of Minnesota, we have collected critical resources for Medical Alley companies as you invite employees to return to the office. From vaccine educational content you can share with employees to safety guidelines for those that have been vaccinated, we encourage you to explore the resources on this page.

Please reach out to Communications Coordinator, Tyler Mason, for any questions or to submit resources that we might add to this page.


Biden Announces Vaccine Mandate for Employers with More Than 100 Workers

On Thursday, September 9, President Biden mandated "that all employers with more than 100 workers require them to be vaccinated or test for the virus weekly, affecting about 80 million Americans." Check back here as more details emerge about what this means for Minnesota employers.

Effective May 14, Gov. Tim Walz Has Lifted Minnesota's Mask Mandate

Following the CDC's lead, Minnesota's mask requirement is gone. However, businesses and cities may still enforce their own mask policies.

As of March 30, All Minnesotans 16 Years of Age & Older will be Eligible to Receive a Vaccine

Minnesota has directed providers to prioritize vaccine appointments for people most at risk of getting COVID-19, or those who could develop severe illness if infected. This includes older Minnesotans, those with underlying health conditions, and those in essential jobs.




COVID-19 Vaccine Employer Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to direct employers to the resources they need to help their workforce get vaccinated safely and efficiently and to provide materials to educate employees about COVID-19 vaccines. Please note that as more information about COVID-19 vaccines becomes available, the resources on this page may be updated.

Essential Worker Posters

Posters to encourage essential workers to get a COVID-19 vaccine. On the job, and at home. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine adds one more layer of protection.

Facts about COVID-19 Vaccines Poster

Vaccines (shots) are one of the tools we have to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Vaccines work with your body’s natural defenses so your body will be ready to fight the virus.

Avoid COVID-19 Scams

A poster alerting people on how to identify a vaccine scam.

Quick Start Guide: Preparing Your Company for COVID-19 Vaccines

Our comprehensive resource to help you develop your company’s vaccine policy and employee engagement plan.

How to Build Healthcare Personnel’s Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccines

An informational guide with six strategies for immunization coordinators to build vaccine confidence within their health system or clinic.

Workplace Vaccination Program

By providing information about COVID-19 vaccination and establishing supportive policies and practices, employers can help increase vaccine uptake among essential workers.


What to Expect After Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine

Video from the CDC that highlights what to expect after getting the vaccine

How COVID-19 Vaccines are Made

This resources outlines how vaccines in general are made, as well as how the COVID-19 vaccine specifically was developed and tested.

COVID-19 Vaccine Research and Development

A graphic from PhRMA that illustrates how the vaccine was developed 

Understanding Viral Vector COVID-19 Vaccines

J&J's vaccine is a Viral Vector vaccine.

When You've Been Fully Vaccinated

The latest guidelines from the CDC on what those who have been fully vaccinated can safely do.

Resources for Employees Dealing with Pandemic-Related Stress & Anxiety

A set of free, public resources for employees who may need extra support.

COVID-19 Vaccines: What You Need to Know

A one-page handout with basic information about COVID-19 vaccines and vaccination.

COVID-19 Vaccines: FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about COVID-19 vaccines.

COVID-19 Vaccines: Myths and Facts

A helpful resource to dispel common myths and misconceptions about COVID-19 vaccines.

COVID Vaccine Facts

The content on this website serves as an educational tool to link people to third-party scientific and evidenced-based information related to the vaccine development process, along with the safety, efficacy, availability, and affordability of Covid-19 vaccines.

COVID-19: Glossary of Terms

A glossary of common terms pertaining to COVID-19 therapeutics and vaccines.

COVID-19 Employment Question of the Day

Fredrikson & Byron will keep you updated with a “COVID-19 Employment Question of the Day.” The featured questions are taken from their day-to-day conversations with (collectively) hundreds of employers in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and around the country, both large and small.

COVID-19 and the ADA

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission released resources about COVID-19 and the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act, and other EEO laws. 


Getting Vaccinated for COVID-19

Messaging about what to expect before, during and after the vaccine.

Addressing Common Concerns Regarding COVID-19 Vaccine

A webinar put on by the state to address concerns about the vaccine.

COVID-19 Vaccine Key Messages

A two-page resource highlighting some of the key talking points surrounding the vaccine.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence Conversation Starter

This conversation starter is a prompt for engaging healthcare providers during an in-person or virtual meeting in order to identify tailored approaches to promote vaccine confidence within a facility.

How to Build Healthcare Personnel’s Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccines

An informational guide with six strategies for immunization coordinators to build vaccine confidence within their health system or clinic.

COVID-19 Vaccine Communication and Confidence Checklist

Use this checklist to assess the readiness of your facility to promote COVID-19 vaccine to healthcare personnel, and eventually, to patients.

Sample CEO Email to Employees about COVID-19 Vaccines

A draft email for CEOs to send to employees, sharing what your company is doing to protect their health and offering trusted information about COVID-19 vaccines.

COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Toolkit

A guideline for community and faith-based organizations to help them educate their communities about the vaccine. Toolkit includes key messages, vaccine basics and more.

Sample Email to Staff

A draft message sharing vaccine facts and offering support and encouragement to team members.

Communications Guidance for Businesses

General guidance for communicating about COVID-19 vaccines to workers, customers and other stakeholders.

Conversation Guide for Managers: Talking with Employees about COVID-19 Vaccines

This is intended to help managers in your organization have productive conversations with employees and workers about COVID-19 vaccines.

Social Media Toolkit: COVID-19 Vaccinations

Sample social posts and graphics for sharing information about the COVID-19 vaccines.

Essential Workers COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit

This toolkit is designed for employers of essential workers. Essential workers perform duties across critical infrastructure sectors and maintain the services and functions that U.S. residents depend on daily. Examples of the many types of essential workers include police officers, firefighters, and people working in education, child care centers, and grocery stores.

COVID-19 Fotonovela

A visually-driven educational piece to share with employees on the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines.


Guía de Inicio Rápido - Cómo preparar a su empresa para las vacunas contra el COVID-19

Nuestro recurso integral para ayudarlo a formular la política de vacunación de su empresa y el plan para promover la participación de los empleados.

Guía para pequeñas empresas sobre las vacunas contra el COVID-19

Nuestro recurso integral ayudará a las pequeñas empresas a apoyar a sus trabajadores, clientes y comunidades.

Mensajes principales para empleados

Mensajes sometidos a prueba sobre las vacunas contra el COVID-19 para ayudar a generar confianza, aumentar la seguridad y fomentar la vacunación.

Guía para propietarios de pequeñas empresas sobre cómo llevar la conversación

Una guía para ayudar a los propietarios de pequeñas empresas a tener conversaciones productivas con sus empleados y trabajadores sobre las vacunas contra el COVID-19.

Entendimiento de la audiencia y recomendaciones sobre mensajes para las comunidades hispanas

Entienda mejor algunas de las necesidades y preguntas particulares de grupos afectados desproporcionadamente.

Ejemplo de mensaje electrónico al personal

El borrador de un mensaje para trasmitir información sobre las vacunas, como también ofrecer apoyo y alentar a los miembros de su equipo.

Vacunas contra el COVID-19: Lo que debe saber

Un volante de una página con información básica sobre las vacunas contra el COVID-19 y la vacunación.

Vacunas contra el COVID-19: Respuestas a preguntas frecuentes

Respuestas a preguntas frecuentes sobre las vacunas contra el COVID-19.

Vacunas contra el COVID-19: mitos y hechos

Un útil recurso para desacreditar mitos y conceptos equivocados comunes sobre las vacunas contra el COVID-19.



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