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The health technology and care industry is an important part of Minnesota’s economy. It’s crucial that our elected officials enact policies that continue to allow this industry to grow and prosper. Patients in Minnesota, the United States, and throughout the world depend on the life-saving technology and care that is developed here in Medical Alley.

The Medical Alley PAC enables us to meet, educate, and interview candidates for elected office. This is a tool that enables us to elect leaders who know how important the health technology and care industry is and will continue to help it thrive.

Your help is needed!

Minnesota campaign finance laws allow for contributions of any size. No contribution is too small! Please contribute as much as you are comfortable. You can contribute here below. All contributions are non-tax deductible.

Medical Alley PAC cannot accept contributions from corporations.

Health Technology & Care’s Voice 

at the Minnesota Capitol

Sharing the importance of our industry in St. Paul has helped secure several key pieces of legislation in recent years – including increasing the Research & Development (R&D) Credit, funding of the Minnesota Investment Fund (MIF) and Job Creation Fund (JCF) and allowing biosimilars to be sold in Minnesota.

We need to restore—and make permanent—the Angel Investment Tax Credit that helps early-stage companies attract investment and create jobs; we need an easy-to-use R&D tax credit, so that all companies continue to invest here in Minnesota; we need to craft policies that both expand our homegrown talent pool and make Minnesota a destination for top talent; and we must drive the trend toward value-based care, providing more healthcare value for patients at a lower cost.

Medical Alley Facts & Figures 

  • The Health Technology and Care industries in Minnesota employ over 500,000 people
  • Minnesota is home to the Mayo Clinic, the world’s #1 hospital
  • The University of Minnesota, an R1 research university, ranks in the top 10 nationally for technology commercialization
  • Minnesota has received the most Complex Device approvals from the FDA ever and has the highest concentration of health technology innovators in the world


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