Service Experience Design Partner

Bind is a health technology and services company founded in 2016 and headquartered in Minneapolis, MN with a San Francisco satellite. Bind is health insurance for the way we live now. Unlike traditional health insurance that charges you for services you may never need or want, Bind is on demand: pay for what you need, not what you don’t, and adjust your coverage when those needs change. Health coverage that’s flexible, clear, and intuitive.

We are creative, collaborative, and a little bit fiery. The Bind team is comprised of like-minded individuals passionate about healthcare, and our cause is the collective act of rewiring it. We embrace new ideas. We’re more wheel than cog. More spark than smoke. And we are playful and venturesome in our daily mission to render real and refreshing solutions to health insurance that works better for us all.

Service Experience Design Partner

Running Bind’s On Demand Health Insurance is a complicated business and delivering an excellent and rewarding human experience in that environment is a challenge. Bind’s operations teams – working internally and with third parties – create a human experience for the company’s members and prospective members when they pay claims, explain coverage options, answer questions, fix mistakes, provide clinical support or write emails. The Service Experience Design Partner’s job is to make sure the human interactions delivered by Bind’s operations teams are consistent in intent and spirit with the company’s human experience strategy and designs. The Design Partner will contribute to and understand the specifications for the Bind human experience, get the support and resources needed to develop the capabilities required to deliver that experience and are assisted and recognized as they consistently provide high quality interactions supporting the required and expected functions of health plan service as well as unexpected moments of recognition, compassion and delight. This position can be located in New York, Minneapolis, or San Francisco.

Create and operate a process that gives Bind’s operations team input into the development of the human experience design and specifications
Ensure that the operations teams understand the objectives of the human experience and their role in delivering the experience
Assist the Human Experience and Operations team in the creation of development roadmaps and supporting business cases that ensure that the company has the assets and capabilities necessary to deliver the Bind experience
Represent the Human Experience team in projects lead by the operations team that have impact on the Bind experience. (For example, establishing a CRM solution to support service delivery or the development of treatment decision support services by Bind’s clinical team.)
Help the operations management team integrate and apply measures of the human experience in their management systems.
Partner with operations teams to monitor and continuously improve the Bind human experience
Stay informed on service recovery efforts related to serving Bind’s consumer members. Participate in root cause analysis and ensure that experience design/redesign is undertaken when appropriate
Recognize the routine and unexpected examples of great Bind human experiences

Bachelor’s Degree
2 years operating experience in a health plan environment
5 years business experience, with a preference for operational experience in service environments
Development of business process, operating procedures and service level agreements
Design and/or delivery of employee training
Business plan development for a functional area, product/service, staff function or similar
Cross functional team participation and leadership
Development and use of business performance measures and reporting
Statistics and quantitative analysis fluency
Clear, concise, engaging and effective written and oral communication
Business case development and basic financial analysis
Willingness and ability to be both an individual contributor and a team player
Ability to influence without direct control

Bind is committed to providing equal employment opportunities. All qualified applicants and employees will be considered for employment and advancement without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, age, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status, genetic information, or any other status protected by applicable law.

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