Client Success Manager

Posting Date: 06/07/2019
Closing Date: 09/01/2019
Posting Level: Mid-Level

Job purpose
At Benovate a Client Success Manger (CSM) is responsible for ensuring ongoing client satisfaction and status as a Net Promoter of Benovate. The CSM is the voice of the client back into the infrastructure of Benovate and to the CAE for making sure all internally understand client needs, desires and any gaps in value delivery. The CSM is held accountable for the organizational delivery of value to the clients once signed.

Duties and responsibilities:

● Collaborate with and support the Client Account Executive (CAE) toward client NPS achievement.

● Immerse in client integration and utilization processes for Benovate.

● Conduct ongoing client needs assessments.

● Clear communications back into the Benovate infrastructure to support meeting clients’ needs.

● Triage clients’ problems, concern, struggles with the platform and/or our processes to quickly

● Expert demonstration of the Benovate platform.

● Be proficient in your understanding of the Population Reporting Tool (PRT) and the full analytical
power of the platform.

● Counsel clients on how to get the most of their platform use.

● Partner with clients to drive more employee engagement and use of the platform.

● Partner with clients on their internal communications strategies to their populations.

● Listen more; talk less with clients.

● Communicate clearly, professionally and concisely both with clients as well as internally.

● Manage to a personal NPS score of your performance.

● Manage to Benovate’s NPS score from your clients.

● Set clear expectations for timelines, costs, and deliverable contents.

● Inform the Benovate infrastructure teams of your market-facing learnings, observations and
requests for clients.

● Anticipate, set strategy and plan for critical client events and activities requiring Benovate support
for success.

● Achieve renewal targets – plan ahead, set strategies, set milestones, manage toward renewal dates
with the CAE.

● Be the “early warning system” for the CAE and the Benovate team when client relationships begin
to suffer – at the first indication.

● Passion for client happiness and value experience form the platform.


● Bachelor’s Degree – human sciences/studies.

● Advanced degrees preferred.

● 10+ years B-B client care roles – account manager, service manager, etc.

● Demonstrated ability to understand and talk with clients about “systems”, not simple

● Demonstrated ability to listen, identify needs and create best-fitting solutions for the

● Experience in vertical categories focused on health, wellness, wellbeing, fitness, nutrition,
psychology and human sciences will be preferred.

● Demonstrated customer intimacy and care orientation.

Job title: Client Success Manager (CSM)
Reports to: Chief Growth Officer

● Expert listening skills and ability to synthesize and interpret for accurate insights.

● Expert communications skills – written and verbal; grammar, conciseness, articulation,
presentation to groups.

● Experience engaging with organizational leaders up to and including C-Suites.

● Experience serving clients in organizational setting where clients often represent in teams
versus single influencer individuals.

● Experience with quantitative data analytics highly desirable.

● Proven professional decorum – maturity, “polish”, comfort level in the C-Suite with
historical experience there.

● Integrity – say what you mean and do what you say with full candor - no hiding nuances
or subtle misleads.

● Ability to study, learn and test through the Benovate value story and platform capabilities.

● Promptness and a sense of urgency.

● Ability to collaborate and push teammates without creating alienation and strife.

● Ability to nudge clients toward increased spend levels.

● Experience working with data products, solutions, platforms, models etc.

● Understanding of HIPAA, PHI and GDPR.

● Enthusiasm, high energy, positive demeanor.

● Ability to move without perfection – keep things moving, don’t wait
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