Georgia Companies Can Now Offer the Bind Personalized Health Plan on a Fully-Insured Basis

June 24  

MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bind Benefits, Inc. announced that its personalized health plan will be offered on a fully-insured basis to Georgia employers with more than 50 employees. With Bind, employers have the opportunity to lower health care costs while giving their employees a rich, affordable benefit with a broad network and more health care decision-making control.

Georgia has poor conditions for health care cost, access and outcomes, according to a 2020 report. The Peach State ranked last in WalletHub’s analysis of the best and worst states for health care.

“Bind removes the guesswork and complexity of health care cost and coverage, replacing it with certainty that your needs are covered and confidence in how much it will cost,” said Shawn Wagoner, Bind Chief Revenue Officer. “With this peace of mind, Bind members can focus on what matters most.”

Atlanta-based health insurance broker with USI Insurance Services Jeff Gentry values the choice and cost certainty Bind provides via its app and website. “With Bind, employees can search for their condition and see the different treatment options and providers available to them – with exact prices – so they can make more informed decisions and choose higher-value options. And Bind has made it so there is no compromise between cost and quality—high-quality treatments and providers cost less. That’s a win for employees and employers,” said Gentry.

When a health plan provides the tools needed to see cost and quality comparisons in advance of care, people are in a position to make better decisions for themselves. “The average Bind member spends less than $500 out of pocket per year. When you compare that to the average deductible of nearly $2,000, you realize the impact Bind is having on individuals and families is transformative,” added Wagoner.

In 2020, Bind released data that shows its personalized health plan outperformed risk-adjusted industry benchmarks, demonstrating that a better health plan design can drive higher engagement and an active, informed health care consumer.

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About Bind

Bind redesigned health insurance to give employers the opportunity to offer a sustainable, attractive health benefit—without compromising coverage or quality. Members can see treatment options and compare prices before making a decision. The Bind personalized health plan delivers the freedom to choose—and the information to choose wisely. Learn more at

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