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Two Reports Agree: Minnesota Startups are Among Nation’s Best

With the release of two key reports in the last week that show strong growth for Minnesota’s startups, the rest of the nation is coming to realize what we here in Medical Alley have long known: Minnesota is one of the best places in the country to start a business. The first report, published by Ohio’s […]

Annual Health Tech Investment Report

Annual Report: Investment 2017 What’s happening in healthcare? Follow the money. 2017 was characterized by investments in game-changers: Companies with solutions that tackle the largest disease states, deliver new payment models, define value in cost and outcomes, and change the future of medicine. Medical Alley Association’s 2017 Annual Health Tech Investment Report captures the trends and the players defining value in healthcare. Learn more in […]

2017 Investment Review: A Record-Breaking Year

Minnesota Leads the Midwest in Exit Productivity

Having a good exit strategy is not just important for families preparing for home emergencies. Any seasoned entrepreneur will tell you the goal of a good exit strategy is to identify those pathways that will give their company the best chance at success. Taking a company public, strategic mergers, and being acquired are all options, […]

Exploring The Ecosystem: How Medical Alley Connects

THERE IS NO BETTER PLACE TO BE A HEALTHCARE INNOVATOR THAN MEDICAL ALLEY. The region is designated as the #1 health technology cluster in the world due to its concentration of leading healthcare inventors, playing home to world-class health technology leaders (Medtronic, Boston Scientific, and 3M to name a few) and a supporting infrastructure that […]

Quarterly Report: Investment in Q3

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Medical Alley Midyear: Broken Records and Substantial Achievements

This is the best fundraising start Minnesota companies have experienced in the past eight years! For a more detailed look at first half investment, news and trends check out our full report. Use the Tableau below to further examine investment in Medical Alley.

Start-Up Records & Digital Health Revolution in Medical Alley

Annual Report: Investment 2016 Health technology start-ups are booming in Medical Alley, both in numbers of companies securing funding and in the amount being raised. In 2016, 53% of the health technology companies in Medical Alley that secured funding raised less than $1M, a 3-year high and an indicator of significant new company starts and […]

Medical Alley Sets YTD Invesment Record of $225.8M After Q3 Raises of $117M

Medical Alley-based health technology companies in Minnesota raised a record $335.8M YTD after adding $117M in Q3. Since 2009, $2.6B has been raised in Medical Alley. Since 2013, Medical Alley companies have consecutively established new records for investment year-over-year, with an all-time high of $448M in 2015; up 77% from just a few years earlier.  2016 is trending to be another record-setting […]

Record $227M Raised in First Half of 2016

Digital Health explosion adds to Medical Alley’s historical strengths to secure record high $227M in investment capital. Minnesota’s Medical Alley continues to define the health technology market for investors. Investment in health technology in Minnesota is up 75% over the past 4 years, including a record level of $445M in 2015. 2016 is already demonstrating […]

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